Google Webmaster Central

As Google is the most popular search engine, you want your site to be recognized by it. Google has provided a number of free tools to make this easier through Google Webmaster Central

Google Webmaster Central tools include:

  • Site Status Wizard
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Submit Content to Google
  • Google's Blog for Webmasters
  • Google's Discussion Group for Webmasters
  • Webmaster Help Center 


Site Status Wizard

Quickly find out whether Google knows about your site by entering the URL.

You will then be told whether this URL is in Google's index and if it knows about all the pages associated with it. You will likely be directed to Webmaster Tools which can help tell Google more about your website.


Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools helps you create an invisible sitemap that makes it easier for Google to crawl your website. A sitemap is a webpage that links the pages on a website, typically organized from most important (ex. your homepage) to least important.

Not only does Webmaster Tools make it easier for Google to index your website, but it also provides you with information like:

  • what keywords are bringing traffic to your site
  • whether all your pages are being found by Google
  • what problems Google may be having accessing your pages

By pointing out potential issues, Webmaster Tools can help you make improvements to make your site more available to the search engine.

Some website builders, like CityMax, help you create sitemaps to submit to Google Webmaster Tools, making it much easier than doing it yourself.


Submit Your Content to Google

Google provides several methods of submitting different types of content, web pages or otherwise, into their indexes.

Aside from submitting your URL and using Webmaster Tools, you're also able to:

Submit individual pieces of content to Google Base. Google Base works like a search engine for categorical information that's not necessarily related to an existing website. For example, you can search or submit recipes or job descriptions. By categorizing the items and providing attributes, which work like keywords, your content will be listed in Google Base and may even come up in relevant standard Google search results.

Submit literary information with the Google Book Partner Program. If your business is related to books, this program can help you connect with potential readers. By submitting information about the book, including page previews, and linking to online stores, readers can find out more about your product and purchase it easily.

Submit video with the Google Video Uploader Program. If you have footage that you want to share with the world, this is a way to do it. Once you upload your video you can email it to friends and family, or post it to a website or blog.


Google's Blog for Webmasters

The Webmaster blog is where the Google experts relay information about the search engine's crawling and indexing functions. It's a good place to find out any new changes to the search engine and any new functionality that may work well for your business.


Google's Discussion Group for Webmasters

A discussion group is like an online message board where people can discuss topic-related issues. This message board is specifically for webmasters to talk about Google-related topics and is also a good place to ask questions or look for tips.


Webmaster Help Center

Google has compiled articles about things you'll need to know to get your website working with the search engine. For advice, tips, or to answer any questions you might have, you can browse through them at the help center.

Get started with Google Webmaster Central.

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