CityMax Review: Ease of Use (4 stars)

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The Easiest Builder to Use

CityMax provides a single interface for all its tools that is clearly labelled and doesn't take too many clicks to use. No other builder does this better. This makes it so that once you've learned how their interface works, you'll find it easier to use other tools.

So far, it's the easiest website builder we've reviewed, though there are a couple of things that CityMax could do to make design customization easier.

User-Friendly Toolbar Gets You Where You Want to Go

CityMax's interface revolves around an icon-based toolbar across the top of the builder.  It's well laid out and the buttons are labeled so you know exactly what to click on to do whatever you need.

Each Button Does What it Says

Without looking at any documentation you know how to edit, view and add a page. When you click to add a page, all the page types are clearly displayed.  What's great about this builder's interface is that the simplicity extends throughout every tool and application.

Page Types are Clearly Displayed


Microsoft Word Style Editor is a Pleasure to Use

CityMax's editor helps new users learn to edit their website quickly because it's styled like Microsoft Word. All the familiar tools are there with no guess work required to figure out its functions.

Editing the different page types is also easy. All the pages are form-based. You have only to fill in the blanks, hit save and the page is created for you. Be sure to click "Save" rather than clicking "View Page" though or you'll lose all your work.

Basic Design Changes Are Easy, but Hard to Add Logo

To change the design of your site, you only have to click on the Design button. There you'll find over 1500 pre-designed templates, 4 different layouts and with a few clicks you can edit the look of the border, header, index and body. 

We did have a harder time adding our logo to our template though. There's no tool to do this quickly but you can upload your logo to a blank colored background or tile it across the header. There's a workaround if you have basic design skills and software (see Design section), but it's not as easy to get your logo up this way and can be time-consuming.

Customizing the Header Isn't Easy


Smooth E-Commerce Set-Up

CityMax has their own integrated shopping cart with lots of options that are easy to set up. Setting up your shopping cart will take some time, but CityMax does a great job of walking you through the process. 

Adding products is a breeze. It's all form-based and has an easy image upload system. Unfortunately there's no way to upload many products at once.  You have to do it one at a time. This can be time-consuming.

Setting up the rest of your shopping cart options is done in the "Tools" section.  This can look intimidating because there are so many options to set up, but CityMax's documentation gets you through it step by step.

Setting Up Your Store is a Cinch


Support is Easy to Find and Understand

You'll never feel lost on CityMax because the Support button is always right at the top of the page. Most other builders seem to tuck a tiny support link off in a corner, in an attempt to discourage its use. And no matter which page type you're editing, there's always a link to the documentation for that page at the top.

Quick Links to Documentation

CityMax's documentation is all clearly written and easy to follow, with plenty of screenshots. And if you still need help, you can submit a support question. Support responds quickly to all queries, usually in less than an hour, and helps you find the documentation you need to do what you want to do.

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