CityMax Review: Editor (3.5 stars)

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Easy MS Word Style Editor Does What it Needs to

CityMax's editor is easy to use and does everything a business owner needs to make a professional-looking website. Though it doesn't have a lot of flashy tools, nor does it have the best image upload and editing system, we still found that it was no trouble to get text and images on the page the way we wanted.

ActivEdit Mode Provides the Most Editing Tools and Layout Versatility

You have a choice of three different editing modes in the CityMax editor: Word-Style, ActivEdit, and Basic. ActivEdit is the most complete of the three.

The ActivEdit and Word-Style modes are very similar. They are both styled to work like MS Word, but ActiveEdit gives you more freedom and a few extra features, including tables, a spell-check and more colors and fonts to choose from.  The Word-Style mode has all the standard text editing features (bold, italics, underline, bullets, and links.).

The biggest difference between the two is that ActivEdit lets you add an image anywhere you can add text. When using the image icon however, you can only add images you have uploaded yourself and not ones from the image library. 

Pick the Editor to Suit Your Needs

Adding images in the Word-Style mode is simple but less flexible. Where your image is placed on the page depends on the page layout option you choose. You can't add an image anywhere on the page in this edit mode.

The third edit mode is Basic Editor. This editor will work in any browser but doesn't have any special formatting features. It's designed for people who want to edit using HTML programming. You can have control over the code rather than just entering content.

The Need for Three Edit Modes

At first we weren't sure why they bother having the Word-style editor at all since ActivEdit has all the same features and more. After a little investigation, we found out that some users with older computers may have some problems using ActivEdit. CityMax's customer support recommends using the Word-Style editor in this case.

We think that CityMax would be better off only having two editing modes, one comprehensive word-style editor and one for HTML. That being said, it is easy enough to switch between the three existing edit modes.

Adding an Image


Image Upload is Easy but Takes a Few Steps

When you upload images in CityMax, they're not put directly on the page.  You have to first upload your image onto their server, after which you can insert the image onto the page. It takes a few steps, but it's easy to do. Plus you can also upload up to 5 images at once. 
Don't Forget to Save

If you want to view your page after you have edited it you must click "Save" or you'll lose all your work. Clicking "Save" will publish your page and take you to the view mode with all your changes.

Remember that with this system, you can't save without publishing. This means you might want to type up your text in Notepad if you're not sure you'll finish writing it in one go. The alternative is that you'll have to publish unfinished pages, which doesn't look professional.

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