CityMax Review: Tools & Features (4.5 stars)

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The Most Complete Set of Non-E-Commerce Business Tools in a Builder

CityMax leads the way by providing useful tools of all kinds for business websites, including communcation tools like newsletters and autoresponders and text-based page creators for making typical pages like FAQs, articles, links, even quote pages.

Here is a list of its features:

  • Photo album
  • Guestbook
  • Message board
  • Contacts page
  • Links page
  • Hours of operation page
  • Maps page
  • Multimedia
  • FAQ Page
  • Quotes
  • Sitemap/ Table of Contents
  • Recommend Website
  • Polling Booth
  • Online forms
  • Autoresponder
  • Mailing List/Newsletter
  • Event Calendar
  • Articles page
  • Press Releases page 
  • Redirect
  • Coupons
  • Downloads
  • Password Protection Pages

Easy Page Creation System

All the main business tools offered on CityMax are page-based allowing you to easily set up interactive pages like online forms as well as pre-formatted text pages like FAQs. You fill in the blanks, hit save, and they're instantly published on the Internet. 

There are 25 different page types. These include typical tools like photo albums, online forms, polling booths, etc. CityMax goes further though to provide unique tools like the autoresponder, re-direct page, and very useful text-based pages like the articles and quotes pages.

The only problem with this system is that you can only have one tool per page. This is limiting if you want to have the freedom to put a few tools on the same page, but this isn't an issue for many website publishers.

Pick from 25 Page Types


Autoresponder is a Great Tool for Sending Info by Email

CityMax is the only builder that we've reviewed that has an autoresponder as a tool on its own. This tool allows visitors to sign up to receive automatic emails. This can take the form of free e-courses or instructional guides, which improve the customer experience on your website. 

Re-Direct Page for Smooth Navigation Between Websites

The Redirect page is also a feature unique to CityMax. It automatically redirects a user to another URL.  This is useful if you want to link to another website you own but make it look like part of the same site, by including it in your index.

Keep in Contact with Your Customers with Newsletters

The Newsletter page is an important feature for many businesses. It allows you to keep regular contact with your customers and let them know of any promotions or special events.

You can add as many newsletters as you want and choose when and if to send them. You can put up a small summary of each newsletter and visitors then click on the title to read the full story. It's also a great way to capture emails to use for future marketing campaigns.

The best part is that they're published on your website simultaneously when you send them to your subscibers. This helps you regularly add to the content of your website, which is important because this increases your website's value according to search engines thereby helping get a better ranking. 

The newsletter has a double opt-in system that re-assures subscribers that they won't be spammed. It also automatically generates the option to unsubscribe, which is required by spamming regulatory laws.

Keep Visitors Updated with Newsletters


Text Based Pages Are a Great Time-Saver

There are a few text-based page types that are useful for creating pages typically found on business websites. You simply enter the necessary info into the page creator's form and it instantly creates the page, all formatted and ready to go.

The Hours of Operation page sounds standard but not all builders have it. You can easily enter your store's hours for your customers' reference.

The FAQ page is also well laid out and simple to use. Just enter the questions and answers in the appropriate boxes, hit save and it formats it with embedded links from the question to the section on the page with the full answer.

FAQ Page is Well Designed

The Articles and Press Releases pages help set your business apart from others on the Web.  With the Articles page you can add articles, journal entries or updates. It's a great way to keep your customers in the loop and establish your expertise. The Press Releases page gives you credibility by distributing official company announcements to the public.

All the page types are nicely laid out and easy to use.  But because they are form-based you have little freedom with the look. That being said, each page type adds practical value to your website. CityMax is certainly designed with the business owner in mind.

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