Go Daddy Review: Ease of Use (2.5 Stars)

Hard to Find Your Way Around

The worst thing about Website Tonight is the navigation. You have to go to several different areas to edit a page. Although all the design and editing tools are right in front of you, you have to leave the site too often to do other things. The shopping cart is the worst offender as it is made with entirely different software with a different interface, and is even located on a different website.

Main Menu is a Maze

Go Daddy's main menu (which you have to go through to access Website Tonight) is one of the largest menus we've seen, with dozens of categories and even more links. We spent nearly as much time trying to figure out where to click as we did building the site.

Go Daddy's Huge Main Menu

The builder does however make up for the initial confusion by providing a website overview. This gives you a big picture of your site showing you how many pages you have and the amount of space available. It gives you a clear look of your site's content and design.

Site overview allows you to view all the pages in your site


Editor is Confusing to Learn and Has a Few Bugs

Using the editor is not self-explanatory, nor does it have easy walk-throughs or quick-start documentation to help you learn it. Prepare for a slow learning process to start with if you go with Website Tonight.

There are also a few errors that slow things down as well. While we were building our website, there were a few java script errors and timeouts with the servers. These are minor bugs, but we did have to switch from Internet Explorer 6.0 to Mozilla Fire Fox to use the builder bug-free. Also, the Advanced Editor has a spell check, but it didn't catch a spelling mistake we added on purpose.  We typed in "ikjudhsk" and it came up with no results or errors.

Spell Check Not Reliable


Long Processing Wait Times

Another drawback to this builder is the process of editing and previewing pages.  Every change has to be uploaded to the servers. This means whenever you make a change to your site, there's a processing period of about 10 seconds before you can see it. This slows down the editing process to a crawl.

Hard to Customize Design for a Business

There is no easy way to add a logo to the templates within Website Tonight, nor are there many ways to customize the way your content looks on the page. The only way you can incorporate your logo is to create a header using a design program like Photoshop.

There are also not very many layouts or color choices to choose from when trying to customize templates.  If you want to create different layouts or change the sizes of different design elements, prepare to learn HTML because this is not a function that's built into the system.

Skip the Online Documentation and Reach for the Phone

The online documentation within Website Tonight does not provide easy answers. The documents themselves were incomplete and unclear and don't have screenshots. This makes it so you have to call their 24/7 support line almost every time you need help. Having to call slows down the process of getting things done on your website.

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