Go Daddy Review: Editor (3.5 Stars)

Time-Consuming to Use and Learn

Website Tonight's editor interface does not make it easy to learn. And don't expect any easy walk-throughs or quick-start documenation to get you through the initial learning process. Even once you get used to the system, you'll still have to wait for processing times as each change you make on a page is uploaded to Go Daddy's server.

That being said, Go Daddy does have a great image upload and editing system. It's page titling system is also easy to use.

Two Editors, but Only One is Necessary

Website Tonight offers two different yet similar editors to choose from: Quick Editor and Advanced Editor. Quick Editor allows you to easily change page text, but is limited to simple functions. To be honest, we're not sure why they even bother with this editor. Both are online builders and it's no quicker to add text on Quick Editor than it is with the advanced one.

The editor we used most was the "Advanced Editor," which is similar to Microsoft Word. It has the standard editing options (bold, italics, links, page alignment, etc.) - nothing more, nothing less. The options and menus are cluttered, making it hard to figure out where to start.

Website Tonight's Advanced Editor

Adding and Editing Content is Time-Consuming

Website Tonight's editor is not the easiest one to learn. There are no guides or wizards to walk you through the initial process. You have to figure out everything yourself. That would be okay if the process was self-explanatory, but that isn't the case. Then you have to suffer through the processing times (around 10 seconds) every time you make a change. It took a lot of time and experimental clicking to get the content the way we wanted.

Titling Pages is a Snap

Adding new pages, on the other hand, is simple.  The builder has a good feature that lets you name pages, add sub-titles, and even add Meta tags, keywords and descriptions all at once.  Very cool! This helped save time.

Page Titling and Meta Tag Editor


Adding Images is Easy

While editing a webpage, you can easily add images and photos with a few quick clicks. By simply clicking on the "add image" link in the top menu, you can choose from hundreds of stock images or add your own.  Adding your own image takes no skill and can be done in a few short steps.  All you have to do is browse for an image in your computer, then double click it to add it to your webpage.  If the image is too big, you can drag it down to the appropriate size.  This is great for those who don't have image editing software on their computer, or ones that have hundreds of images that need to be resized.  You will save time by just resizing the images right on the page.

The great thing is once you've added your pictures, you can drag them to any position on the page, there are no layouts that bar you from being creative with your images and the overall look of your site.

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