Go Daddy Review: Design (3 Stars)

Hard to Customize Design for a Business

Website Tonight doesn't have many templates, nor does it have many options to help you customize your site for your business. You can't incorporate your logo into the header design unless you know how to use a design program.

You can change the background color scheme of your website, but there are only 6 color choices. There are also few layouts to choose from. And if you want to change the sizes of different parts of your design, you'll have to learn HTML, because the builder doesn't have this option built in.

Nice Templates, but a Few More Would Be Nice

Website Tonight only has 109 templates (that we found) in 21 different categories.  When selecting a template we found some really nice ones that fit well in the categories, and some that didn,t fit at all. 

Website Tonight,s Templates

Choosing the template is easy but there's that 10-second delay to upload it.  Those with a dial up-connection would have to wait even longer. Even more frustrating was when we changed the template to another design. It removed all the text and images we had added to the previous template. There was no way for us to retrieve our work, causing us to start from scratch. We found the warning after the fact. We can,t help but think it could,ve been more obvious on the page.

Slow Processing Times Delayed the Process


No Option to Add Logo to Header

There is no easy way to add your logo into the header of a template in Website Tonight. This is a big disadvantage for people who want easy customization. The only other option is to use a design program like Photoshop to create a header that has your logo in it. This can be a lot more work if you,re unfamiliar with design programs.

Logo Can Only Go Under the Header Not in It.

Need to Know HTML for True Customization

Changing the color scheme of the template is easy and instantaneous.  There are 6 colors to choose from. The color schemes match up pretty nicely, but if you want a wider range of options, you'll have to go to HTML mode.

Website Tonight's Color Palette.


Can't Easily Customize Content and Design Layouts

Don't look for any tools for resizing your design's index, background, border, etc. There is no easy tool in Website Tonight to do this. The only option to make changes like this is to use HTML mode.

The 4 content layout options available are plain and only one of them is pre-designed with an image. It would be nice to have more to choose from that aren't so boxy-looking. If you want to create a different kind of layout, you,d have to choose the most basic option then spend extra time making it look the way you want or use HTML mode.

Website Tonight,s Page Layout Options

Good Image Library with Easy Resizing

There,s a good sized library of stock images to choose from (over 1700) with photos and clipart in a variety of categories. There are dozens of categories and the images are generally high quality.  They can also be resized easily within the editor by clicking and dragging.

Website Tonight,s Stock Image Library


Cool Flash Intro Feature

Website Tonight has a tool that allows you to create a flash introduction for your website. Although flash intros are less popular these days due to wait times, we still tried it out. The flash builder gives you templates to quickly build a 5-10 second intro. You can add text to the template and preview it easily too. We chose an industrial theme that matched our test site. It,s a nice bonus if you want a flash intro.

Flash Builder,s Template Options

Make Your Text and Images Scroll

Website Tonight has the option to put up scrolling text or images with their "Scrolling Marquee" tool. This can add a little extra funkiness to your pages, but be careful not to overdo these kinds of effects. Visitors to your website can become visually annoyed by overuse of moving text and images.

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