Go Daddy Review: E-Commerce  (3.5 Stars)

Shopping Cart Costs Extra but Has Good Option Range

Alhough you have to pay extra and learn new software to do e-commerce with Website Tonight, the shopping cart provides a decent range of options for products and check-out.

Add-On Shopping Cart Adds onto Price

Website Tonight's e-commerce option gives you an add-on shopping cart that you link to your site from Quick Shopping Cart. Quick Shopping Cart is a feature-rich online shopping cart.  It takes patience and practice to use, but once you get comfortable with the system you can make it look really professional.

You have to pay extra for the shopping cart, ($323.04 for one year) but it's good value for what you get.

Adding a Shopping Cart

Great Features, But Initial Set-Up Takes Time

With so many features included with the shopping cart, it takes a while to add a product and set up all the options, including shipping, taxes, calculators and product options. Things got much easier after the initial product set-up. eBay integration, sales reporting, inventory control and the quick search tool were all easy to set-up and use. Website Tonight also gives you a wide variety of payment options you can set up, including PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and more.

New Set-Up System to Learn

Since Quick Shopping Cart is an entirely separate product from the website builder, we first had to learn the new system before we could get it up and running. Though it wasn't particularly hard to learn, finding our way around the new system made setting up e-commerce a lengthy process. 

Shopping Cart Templates


Versatile Product Options

When it comes to adding products to your website store, Go Daddy has covered some serious terrain. You can create any options sets you need for the products you're selling. You can even create a manufacturer for your products to help organize your store. This allows you to sort your products by name brand. You can also add in a short description, full description, and provide discounts.

We also found a great tool that allows you to get a rain check on items. If a product is out of stock, you can request the item to be placed on hold when it becomes available.

Product Options to Suit Any Business


Sales Reporting Very Descriptive

Go Daddy has an amazing reporting system with the Shopping cart. With a click of your mouse you can pull stats and run reports for pretty much anything to do with your store. We were able to run reports for gross total sales, net total sales, sales by month, sales by day, sales per product, sales by product codes, sales by state, orders per day, total shipping costs and total taxes per product sold.  These reports make keeping track of sales and products a breeze. All this information can be viewed in the Storefront summary.

Sales Overview


Fraud Management Tool for Your Safety

We also found a nifty tool to protect yourself against fraud.  It checks the country code of the IP address of the computer from which the order is placed and then checks if that country code matches the country code for the customer's billing address.  This is a nice addition for extra security and protection.

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