Moonfruit Review: Ease of Use (3 stars)

User-Friendly Editor but E-Commerce is a Pain

Editing text, images and design is easy with Moonfruit's SiteMaker once you learn where everything is. Setting up the PayPal shopping cart, on the other hand, is a real headache because you have to insert and link every single button.

Editing's a Breeze Once You Figure Out Where the Features Are

Once you're in your site it's easy to figure out. It's clearly laid out with clear buttons and drop-down menus at the top of the page.  Most features are easy to find but some require a look through the FAQ section.  Certain features aren't where you'd expect. It was also hard to find text and photo effects.

Adding pages, images or text is clear and simple.  In fact, the editor is the best part of Moonfruit.  You click on the item you want to edit and an edit box appears with your options - no extra steps.  The image library is confusing because the images aren't in clear groups.  Uploading your own images is easy though. 

Just Click and Edit

Moonfruit has some no-brainers we like.  For example, every time you switch pages or leave the site you're prompted to save your work.  This saved us more than a few times!

If you close your window without logging out you'll still be logged in when you go to Moonfruit's homepage.  It's a nice feature so you don't always have to sign in. Make sure your computer is password protected to avoid others getting onto your site though.

No Templates but It's Easy to Design Your Site

Moonfruit's design features are user-friendly.  Everything is under the drop-down Design menu.  You can change the body font, title font, background, loading bar and menu with just a few clicks.

You will have to create your own template since Moonfruit doesn't have any. But it's simple to create a design for your site by using the Master Page.  This is where you can add content that will be displayed on all of the pages of your website. 

Too Many Steps to Sell

Setting up an e-commerce store is harder than it should be. Because there's no quick set-up shopping cart you have to link everything to PayPal's shopping cart. This means you first have to sign up for a PayPal account. Then you have to insert PayPal buttons below your product and link each of them to your PayPal account.  This is time-consuming and after doing 10 products you'll be pulling out your hair. 

Support is Simple, But Limited

Support is simple to find and use with two options to choose from.  There's a small FAQ section which is organized in alphabetical order rather than by topic, making it harder to find specific questions.  Or you can fill out a support question through the builder. It's easy to do but you'll have to wait till the next day for a response since they're based in the UK. 

Difficult to Choose a Package

For a website builder that's design-based it has too many package options without a clear description of the features.  There are 5 plans to choose from, making it hard for new customers to make a quick decisions for their needs.

Too Many Package Options

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