Moonfruit Review: Design (3 stars)

Lots of Customization, but No Templates

Moonfruit gives you lots of freedom to make your site look the way you want with its versatile editor, but is short on pre-made design options like templates or headers. Basically, you're left to your own designs to create a look for your site. If you're artistic and know what you want, you'll have a lot of freedom. But if you just want to pick a design and add your content, you won't have the option. Plus, the image library is tiny and confusing to use.

Create a Unified Look or Make Every Page Different

One cool feature is the use of a Master Page. This is a page where any designs you do will be displayed throughout your entire website.  So if you want a logo on every page this is where you'd put it. What's great about this is if you want every page in your website to look the same or different you have the choice. You have more flexibility than working off a template.

Subtitle: Add Your Logo to Master Page

You can use this page to change the color or designs of your fonts, background, menu and loading bar, and have the changes apply throughout your site.

Not Enough Images in the Library

The image library is tiny and confusing to use.  When you click to insert an image from the "library" you're taken to a bunch of folders for different categories.  Only two of them have actual images.  The rest are audio, text effects, games and other less useful items. 

The photos are laid out in alphabetical order rather than useful categories (ie. animals, buildings).  But then there's not much need for categories when there's only around 40 photos.  The clipart is in seven groups with around 20 per group.  If you need images or clipart, you better have your own.

Subtitle: Images Sorted Alphabetically

Must Change Page Size to Add Content

With Moonfruit you can change the scrolling length of each page on your website. At first it seemed like a neat feature but it just adds another step.  You have to change the size of the page if you want to add more content and it's an awkward process.  Other builders we've come across will extend down as you add more content or at least make it easy to extend the page.

Pre-Made Logos if You Need Them

Moonfruit does offer a few pre-made logos, but they're very generic and no real substitute for a personalized one.  When you first log into your site your website name is displayed as your logo in the top left hand corner.  The logo's too small and gives your site a cookie-cutter look.

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