Moonfruit Review: Customer Support (1 star)

Customer Support is No Help

Online documentation is poorly organized and badly written and email support is no better since it just points you to the online doc that's supposed to help you. Other than the welcome email, Moonfruit didn't give us anything helpful at all.

Easy to Find and Use, but Doesn't Deliver

Support is clearly labeled at the top of the builder as "help" and also as a "?".  You have only two options to choose from, an FAQ section or you can submit a support question within the builder. 

We submitted a support question and asked how to set up a shopping cart. The answer was lazy. They told us to check out the FAQ section under "selling products on your site" but they didn't bother linking us to the answer.  That would be ok except we had already read the FAQ and were hoping for more direction.  If you're in North America you'll also have to wait overnight for a response as they're based out of the UK.

Easy to Submit a Support Question


Online Documentation is Next to Useless

The online documentation (FAQs) itself was a drag to use. The questions they answer are in alphabetical order rather than distinct categories. And once you find the question you're looking for, the answers are short and unclear. There are no screenshots to guide you visually either.

No Categories for FAQs

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