Web.com Review: Editor (4 stars)

Easy Text Editing and Image Uploading with Lots of Options

Web.com's SiteBuilder has a text editor with a clean Microsoft Word style with lots of different tools to play with.  The image uploading system follows the same idea of being simple to use and yet offers more editing options than the average.

Text Editing for Dummies with Advanced Options for Higher-Level Users

The Microsoft Word Style Editor is easy to learn and use.  It comes with all the basic tools (bold, italics, bullets, links, etc.)  They also provide special characters, automatic time/ date stamp, find and replace tool, anchor tags (links to different places on a page), different text formats, even smileys (an admittedly fluffy extra).

Advanced users can use HTML, but also edit CSS style and clean up messy code with a click of a button.  We're not sure how the clean-up button works though as we got a run-time error when we tried it out.

SiteBuilder's Text Editor

Image Upload System Has a Good Variety of Editing Options

Even though it doesn't have a WYSIWYG image upload system, it still provides a good range of editing options to make your images look how you want. 

You can upload up to 10 images at a time and you get a choice of 6 sizes for your image: thumbnail (130 pixels), small, (180 pixels), medium (240 pixels), wide (560 pixels), or the image's actual size.  You also get to choose the image's alignment within the space you've chosen.  There is also the option to add a space around the image or add a picture frame. 

You can even add a title, caption, or turn the image into a link.  To use these functions though, you have to add the image outside the text editor from the main page of SiteBuilder.  It would be nice if all the options were available in a single system rather than having to juggle between the two.

SiteBuilder's image editor

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