Web.com Review: Promotional Tools (2.5 stars)

Not Much Available for Would-be Advertisers

Web.com's promotional tool box is characterized by an insanely expensive marketing program (MyEZClicks) and a lack of any information or tools for website owners to take charge of their own Internet advertising campaign.

Overpriced Marketing Program

For what you get, Web.com's MyEZClicks Internet marketing program costs more than it's worth.  We can only imagine that they expect people to opt for it out of pure ignorance.  The MyEZClicks administrators select 20 keywords for your website based on your business's offerings.  You are guaranteed to get a certain number of clicks depending on which package you choose.

Here's a breakdown of the packages:

  • 240 package: $25.95/ month, 240 clicks/ year.
  • 360 package: $53.95/ month, 360 clicks/ year.
  • 1200 package: $170.95/ month, 1200 clicks/ year.

If anyone did any research on the topic, they would find that Homestead's Searchlight program is better value. MyEZClicks doesn't manage your search engine advertising campaign; they just guarantee the clicks, whereas Homestead's Searchlight does complete management of your campaign.

Not Much Info for Do-It-Yourself Advertisers

If you decide to manage your own Internet advertising campaign, don't expect any help from Web.com.  They provide no informative articles or tips on how to promote your site.  Almost every other builder does, so this detail seems to have been overlooked by the company.

We did, however,  find an area in the Business Center that provides a writing style guide for website owners to help them decide what pages and content to include.  There are guides for 4 different industries: accountant, restaurant, merchant and service. 

Free Advertising Credits with Yahoo and Google

Whichever website package you choose with Web.com, you get a certain value of ad credits for each of Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing.

  • Website package: $25
  • Website + marketing package: $50
  • Website + marketing + e-commerce package: $75

Integrated with Miva Marketplace

If you choose the Website + Marketing + E-commerce package, your website will be integrated with Miva Marketplace.  This package uses Miva Merchant's e-commerce software, which allows you to easily upload products to their Marketplace.  This is a pay-per-click shopping listings site that helps connect buyers with your products.  It isn't one of the most popular ones on the Web though.

Meta Tag Editor Does the Job

Web.com provides a Meta tag editor that lets you enter info into all the most important Meta tags, including the title, description and keyword tags.  It is easy to use, though a little hard to find.  You'll probably have to use the documentation to find it.  We certainly did.

Edit Meta Tags with Ease

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