Yahoo! Review: Design (1.5 stars)

Barebones Design Unless You Know HTML

With only 14 templates that are little more that different color schemes, and few design tools, Store Editor doesn't give you much to work with to customize your site. It's so lacking in simple customization design tools that you can find designers who make a living designing Yahoo stores on Google. We're of the mindset that a website builder should make it easy for you to do it yourself.

Templates That Leave You Wanting More

The only variation between them is the color schemes and the index's font. And unless you know HTML, you're stuck with these boring, boxy templates. 

Store Editor's Templates Don't Get Any Better Than This.

B.Y.O.P – Bring Your Own Pictures

When you build your website using Store Editor, there is no image library to help you add personality. If do you go this route, we hope you have a decent digital camera or perhaps a subscription to a clipart or stock photo database.

Limited Design Customizability (Unless You Know HTML)

There's not a lot you can do to customize your website using Store Editor. The "Variables" page allows you to change specific colors, sizes, and fonts of different elements on your website. You can change the basic layout too, but there are only 2 to choose from, index buttons to the left or across the top. 

One feature that's unique is that you can create links from images, but that's the most creative thing we found that you can do using the editor. If you want to add anything more complicated than the basic templates provided, you'll need to know HTML or hire someone who does. 

Hard to Imagine How Design Changes Will Look

The fact that you can't see the effects of changes you make to the design within the "Variables" page is also a serious disadvantage. The layout has nothing to even suggest what the page looks like. This forces you to go back and forth to see what your changes look like.

Can You Picture How This Page is Going to Look?

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