Top 7 Website Builders

# Score Plans Main Advantage Get Started


  • Intuitive visual editor with drag-and-drop function maintenance.
  • Low price and frequent sales.
  • SEO block.
  • Integration with various apps and platforms (Facebook, MailChimp, SlideShare, etc.).
  • Ability to make backups in a couple of clicks.
  • Flexible total customization.


  • You can create a website and get it live in a matter of minutes
  • It’s super easy to use
  • Its pricing plans are very cheap in comparison to some competitors


  • Free trial
  • Premium support included with all accounts
  • Value-added features


  • SSL certification;
  • Small business listings;
  • Blogging platform;
  • Quality customer support;
  • 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Full freedom design.
  • Option to have more than one site.


  • 25 different pre-made pages for business tools.
  • Over 1750 Business Templates
  • Over 600,000 websites built using CityMax

This article shows you the best website builders suppliers. You do not need programming knowledge to create a homepage.

These providers are suitable for a variety of website projects, from the freelancer website to the online shop.

The most important question for our testers is: which supplier would we recommend to a good friend? is a new project from the creators of the uCoz mega-platform, which started on March 1, 2015. The intuitive website builder for business is built with long-term experience of developers and the latest site building trends. Compared to the powerful uCoz service, the uKit designer has fewer features, but it is simple and easy to learn even for beginners.



You can register for the service using e-mail addresses or accounts in Yandex, Google, as well as major social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, etc.). Users registered in the uCoz system can log in using their uID account.


Templates are divided into 25 topics. There are also universal layouts that are easy to tweak for any niche. For each theme, you can choose one of three color schemes. The templates have an adaptive cutting-edge design and look equally stylish on all devices from computer to mobile phone.


The design editor is not very powerful, thanks to which the templates are protected from incompetent actions of inexperienced users. By adjusting the background, replacing the pictures and, if necessary, the location of the blocks, you can create a unique website design in the shortest time possible. By the way, the designer has a library of images, which includes a free section, the images in which are selected in accordance with the selected category.


The installed template can be changed at any time while preserving the content and settings of the site.


Features and functionality


Working with the visual editor of the designer is extremely simple, and the administrative panel is intuitive. All available tools can be easily found in the side unit. The editor works in 3 modes:


  • pages - adding, deleting, structuring pages, seo-settings;


  • constructor - setting up blocks, installing widgets;


  • design - setting the background, color scheme, fonts.


Features and functionality designer ukit


The main functionality of the designer is implemented using widgets:


  • Ecwid. Allows you to create a full-fledged online store with a showcase, a basket of orders and receiving online payments. You can register and connect the service directly in the designer panel. However, Ecwid is a paid store, the free version allows you to place only up to 10 products.


  • LiveChat and JivoSite. They are tools for online communication with customers.


  • Instargam and Pinterest. Allowed to bring to the site photos from your own or any other profile data social networks.


  • SlideShare. In a few clicks, the widget allows you to import any presentation to the site, as well as text and .pdf posted on the popular online presentation service SlideShare.


  • MailChimp. The service is necessary to collect the subscription base and the implementation of e-mail distribution on it.


  • SoundCloud. Adding music tracks to the site.


  • Social network widgets. Subscribing users to existing groups on Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Vkontakte.


  • Maps. Adding Yandex.Maps, Google Maps or Bing widgets to the site.


  • Back call. It provides an opportunity for visitors to leave a request for a manager’s call indicating convenient time for communication. The site administrator will receive a notification about the application by e-mail or in SMS.


  • Sidebar AddThis. Installation of social networking buttons that allow you to add a site to your favorites, share a link on social networks or send it by mail.


Features and functionality designer ukit has a very convenient page duplication feature. It is useful to users who need to place on the site a lot of the same type of information. Having created the basic structure of the page, you can duplicate it and make the necessary edits.


Using a special tool, you can create pop-up windows and link them to various elements of the site: the order button, the slider, product card, price list.


The designer has a double degree of information protection. In addition to regular automatic data backup system, the user has the ability to make manual backup. It makes sense to make backup copies of the site before making major changes to the structure or design. You can create up to 10 manual backups, while removing unnecessary.




  • The audience of uKit constructor is constantly growing. This is not surprising if you look at what advantages the service has.


  • The interface of the administrative panel, which is easy to understand.


  • A visual editor designed so that even a beginner will quickly assemble the first site.


  • A block for setting the SEO parameters of each page and blog entry.


  • Tweaking adaptability, allowing you to adjust the display of the site on any device.


  • Integration with third-party services. If any points remain unclear, you can contact technical support. Another important advantage is the constant updating of the system, the addition of new components: widgets, templates, customization tools, etc.




The uKit constructor is good, but not perfect, although if you prefer, you can find flaws with any service. Still, some moments can upset:


  • A poor choice of templates. There are ten models in each section, but outwardly they practically do not differ from each other.


  • Severe restrictions, up to the formation of a certain color scheme, beyond which it is impossible to go.


  • Some users have noted the high cost of the designer uKit and the lack of free tariffs. But the service is not misleading anyone, adhering to the policy of openness in the matter of payment for services. In addition, the necessary set for creating and setting up a site is provided for $ 4 per month, which can be considered an adequate price, given the functionality of the designer.



Monthly Pricing


Annual Pricing















Wix is ​​best suited for creating various kinds of business cards - complex from a design and functional point of view: a portfolio, a business site, a promotional page or a landing page. Very successful blogs are obtained - they are easy to do, convenient to keep. eCommerce component is also developed, especially with regard to applications and proprietary know-how like Wix Code.


The scope of Wix can be characterized by three factors:


  • Sites with a small number of pages, since the design of each need to be formed manually. Blogs, forums, storefronts and other dynamically expanding types of pages do not complicate the work on the site. The volume of only static pages like contacts, advantages, terms of cooperation, company histories, production, and other things affect.


  • The need for deep and fine tuning of the design, as well as the input of a large number of small functional elements.


  • The Wix application store contains a rich assortment of additional functionality (in fact, modules, if we take it by analogy with other systems). Several categories of useful applications (more than 250 items in total) will help to achieve practically any reasonable goal.


Ideal for creating small and medium-sized sites with complex design and functionality. This constructor can be simple, superficial, if needed: they took a ready-made template, replaced demo content, corrected colors, got a website. With the same success, it can be used to construct arbitrarily complex pages with a bunch of details: animations, effects, forms for collecting and packaging information in databases, interactive elements, pop-up windows of authorizations at different stages of access to information, all sorts of polls, tabs, columns and by the way.


Weeks can be used both for creating the first site or training ground, and as a commercial tool - developing complex and beautiful client sites. This is a good first designer and a good tool to help an experienced designer. The system is built in such a way that allows you to easily increase design capabilities. And even create your own, which is not in stock delivery. Weeks is available for use by the average PC user.


$ 0

Free website with advertising. Not included: a separate domain.

$ 5

Here you can connect your own domain with the website. The advertising remains however.

$ 11

Great for a professional website: no ads and enough space.

$ 14



The right fare if you need a lot of storage space (10GB included).

$ 20



The best rate for an online shop - no limit for shop products.

$ 29



For larger online shops with e-mail marketing.




  •  Design options. By far the most outstanding feature of Wix. The Templates are very stylish and offer finished.


  • Plenty Of Design Freedom. With many other providers you can not place the elements as freely as with Wix. 


  • Animations. Wix lets you animate texts and other elements. For example, texts and images fillet in with the Scroller, which the page can give a completely different dynamics.


  • App-Market-for-extensions. There are now hundreds of third-party applications that you can easily add to the Website as Apps cant. Examples include the Newsletter Tool, a Live Chat Software, Online booking Widgets and much more.




  • Change of Templates is limited. Once you have chosen a template, you can not use it completely against another one exchanged. Within the template, however, the Design can be modified very flexibly.


  • No access to source code. Unlike many of its competitors, Wix does not let you edit the HTML or CSS of the site. For the most it’s a good idea to save the project, because that will allow you to change the project in case you decide to do something different with future sliders.


Shopify is a highly promoted e-commerce brand in the west. The company's headquarters is located in Ontario, Canada. The sitebuilder was launched in 2004 and became one of the most successful startups in its niche at that time. According to the developers, more than 200,000 clients use their platform. Loud stats.


The control panel in Shopify is very similar to a CMS like Prestashop or Opencart and is not inferior in power. It is full of various settings, not very simple, but quite friendly to the user.


Shopify allows you to test yourself for 14 days for free. Next, you need to pay one of the tariffs (we took the cost for the year, although the system default is the monthly cost):


  • Starter ($ 168 / year) - 25 products, 2% sales commission. No access to HTML / CSS editor, discount system and callback order.


  • Basic ($ 312 / year) - unlimited traffic and quantity of goods, 1 GB of disk space, 2% sales commission, discounts on goods, 24/7 technical support;


  • Professional ($ 852 / year) - 5 GB of space, 1% commission, gift cards, advanced statistics;


  • Unlimited ($ 1932 / year) - unlimited disk space, 0.5% sales commission, report designer, shipping cost calculation and everything else.




  • Transaction Fees - Although it is expected that you will experience a processing fee when using Shopify payments, you do not have to pay additional transaction fees of 0.5% -2% for other payment methods.


  • Integration - Shopify payments are immediately available and do not need to be integrated, so you can immediately start accepting payments


  • Security - Shopify's payment service is very secure and detects fraudulent transactions. You have options at your checkout to add a checkout system at the address and cost to make sure the payments are genuine.


  • Saved parts - when customers visit your site, they can save shipping and billing information to ensure a quick checkout process, which in turn leads to a high conversion rate.


  • Processing fee - you will be rewarded with lower processing fees, depending on how high your monthly package is and the higher monthly sales revenue.




  • Chargebacks - if your customers register too many chargebacks, then Shopify can withhold funds from you, or, even worse, block your account.


  • Suspicious activity - if suspicious activity was noticed on your account, then again Shopify can withhold payments from you. They can then be exacerbated and you may not receive money for some time while waiting for a dispute.


  • Availability - Payment Shopify is not available in every country, and you can see the full list of countries here. Despite the fact that in supported countries you may be denied the use of the service if your business is considered “high risk” because Shopify has the right to discontinue service with any notification.


  • In general, although the advantages are definitely superior to the disadvantages, and low transaction fees and instant integration mean that this is a great option for e-commerce companies of any size.




When you first enter the CityMax website, you immediately come across a clearly professional page that is modeled like many other business web pages. It's a bit busy, but the point is that they are ready to help you create the best website you can, and it’s easy to feel confident. However, a busy design should be a sign that great confusion comes with great power, and it becomes harder to use as you go.


It would be unfair to call CityMax “hard” to use, because they throw so many options at you, without any basic look at what you are doing, which is easy to get lost on the page. You can see what they were trying to do: translate the code, even some really complex code, into visual representations that anyone can manipulate, but the problem is that there is no preview of what the page looks like. Instead, you have to keep it in your head, scrolling through the screen, working with one element at a time. Just too much to keep in mind if you are not used to visualizing parts of the site as separate elements. This is a classic example of excessive complexity in the name of simplicity.




Here everything becomes more complicated. It's not entirely clear what you get with pricing, since all this is one plan. Supposedly, everything that they offer goes according to a single plan, but it was difficult for me to find exactly what they actually offer. As I said above, one marketing is probably worth it, but it would be nice to have a simple list of all the available functions that you can use to your advantage.


In addition, you can get the CityMax page for $ 24.98 per month, $ 22.98 per month if you buy six months, and $ 21.98 per month if you buy a year.




  • Marketing opportunities available to you are first-class, and a business website will truly benefit from it.




  • There is only one plan, and there is no easy way to see what it actually provides.


  • The interface is too complicated for most novice webmasters.


Homestead is a fairly simple site builder, but it could be much better. Homestead is one of the oldest site builders, but this does not mean at all that there you will not find features that are great for working on personal sites and sites for small businesses. For novice users it will be very convenient that Homestead is a cloud hosting. In other words, you can work on your site from any browser or computer.



7.99 $ /month

Data: 25MB

Number of pages: 5


22.99 $ /month

Data: 5GB

Number of pages: 100

Number of email addresses: 5

Individual Domain: 1

Business Plus

62.99 $ /month

Data: 10GB

Number of pages: unlimited

Number of email addresses: 50

Individual Domain: 3




  • Easy to use.




  • Сomplaints about support group.


GoDaddy is one of the world's largest domain name registrars, and, as is often the case, in parallel with the main service also provides website hosting services. There is a company since the time when the Internet appeared in the form in which we know it - with web pages and hypertext. The scale of the company is, of course, absolutely gigantic - about 12 million customers worldwide, holding about 58 million domain names from GoDaddy. The company employs thousands of employees, GoDaddy offices are open in many countries. 


For all that, GoDaddy provides full-fledged hosting services (and the usual virtual hosting and VPS and server rental), you should always remember that in the first place it’s still a name recorder. This does not mean that hosting automatically becomes something worse, just when communicating with technical support, domains still have priority. Another important feature is that as the service is very large, authoritative, and even American, you need to be prepared for the fact that the company's office will require you to send scans of identity documents. In all other respects, GoDaddy hosting services are quite ordinary and available both in terms of functionality and price.




GoDaddy provides all the most popular and popular types of hosting services - regular virtual hosting, VPS and dedicated servers for rent. Consider the proposals in more detail.


Shared hosting


As part of a virtual hosting service, you are offered a choice of three tariff plans:


  • Economical (1 website, 100 email addresses, 100 GB on disk);


  • Lux-Plan (unlimited number of sites and disk space, 500 email addresses);


  • Ultimate (unlimited number of sites and disk space, 1000 email addresses). If you pay one year in advance of any of the plans, the company gives you a domain name. Also, you are provided with 1 GB for the database if you are using MySQL, and 200 MB, if MSSQL.




  • 3 modes of displaying the blog navigation form;


  • Hiding additional content added by plugins from the sidebar - additional flexibility in managing plugins that themselves do not provide this feature.


  • Editable HTML code for the album selection menu title;


  • 2 modes of viewing photos in albums and photostream: mosaic and whole;


  • show / hide information about a photo in one of 3 modes: always show, always show on mobile devices, when you hover the cursor;


  • a large selection of color schemes separately for different page elements with the ability to enter your own color value instead of the standard ones proposed;


  • 2 new color schemes for the entire site, setting a special background for the main elements of the pages;




  • No.


Price - 110$ - site builder, fully paid, focused on small business. Allows you to sell both physical goods and digital. Provides additional services in the form of hosting, domain registration, SSL certificates, email marketing and building a site based on WordPress. In addition, the platform is optimized for the search engines Google, Yahoo !, and Bing. Deal with the principles of the designer is quite simple, even without possessing technical knowledge in the field of site building. The elements are managed in the editor using Drag-and-Drop, so dragging the necessary options onto the page is intuitive and takes the least amount of time.


The system is suitable for creating online stores that will interest individual entrepreneurs and small business in the field of trade and services. The ability to insert HTML code will attract freelancers, webmasters and programmers to work who can design unique projects. Bloggers and creative personalities will appreciate the design of the pages by inserting videos, maps, feedback forms and social networking buttons.


You can choose from over 300 custom templates developed by designers for various fields of activity. Here you can find ready-made solutions for dentistry, real estate and car repair. The functionality of the system includes built-in spell checker, unlimited storage space, analytics tools, daily backup site, technical support 24/7. Store features allow you to manage orders with a shopping cart, as well as stock and delivery, add products and images, create gift cards.




  • SEO-optimization. 


  • The ability to sell products.


  • Including digital.




  • Exclusively paid basis.


  • Fees for operations.


  • Only English.


Free rate


Trial rate


Price from

35 $ per month

Price to

100 $ per month


Moonfruit is a site builder based on block building with drag & drop control of elements, allowing you to create online stores. Also, the service provides domain registration services and is adapted for mobile devices and tablets. All tariff plans include free hosting, templates and the possibility of technical support via online chat.


The program is focused on startups and small business in the field of online sales. Due to the possibility of selling not only physical goods, but also digital ones, the platform may be of interest to photographers, writers, musicians and other representatives of creative professions. The editor is intuitive and does not require special knowledge and involvement of programmers and designers. Those who know how to work with HTML-code can embed third-party widgets, thus making unique personal sites to fit their needs.


The functionality of the service includes marketing tools, SEO-optimization, integration with social networks and Google Analytics. You can choose from hundreds of adaptive templates and an image library, but if you prefer, you can build a website from scratch. The designer allows you to create pages, sections, forms, buttons, icons and links, and to display products - a gallery. In addition, you can change the text using Google fonts, block layout and background. Also added various elements, such as icons, videos from YouTube and Vimeo, music and Google maps. When you select an item on the page, the customization menu is available. Using the image editor, you can adjust the contrast, saturation and produce color filtering. Animation options are designed to create effects for video, text, and links. There is a preview function that allows you to see the project being created before it is published.


Free rate


Trial period


Price from.

6 $ per month

Price to

26 $ per month




  • Widgets for every occasion.


  • Great templates.


  • Intuitive website editor design.


  • Fast and competent technical support




  • No.


Yahoo web hosting starts at $ 4.49 per month, which is paid annually for a “basic” plan. The price increases to $ 8.99 when you choose a monthly payment plan. This includes 100 GB of disk space, 1000 GB of monthly data transfer and 10 pages of the site. It also offers a 30-day money back guarantee, but, like most hosting providers, this does not cover the domain registration fee.


The Advanced package, which is more focused on business websites, costs from $ 5.89 per month and is paid annually. As in the case of the “basic” plan, when choosing a monthly plan, the price also increases to $ 11.99 per month. This includes everything that offers a basic plan, but an unlimited number of pages, 500 GB of disk space, 5000 GB of monthly transfers, one domain, 500 subdomains, secure FTP File Manager, PHP 7, Perl, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, unlimited databases , password protection, backup and recovery.


The Premier Plan is only $ 6.79 per month for billing per year or $ 15.99 for monthly payments. It includes all “extended” tariff offers plus unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, 1000 email addresses and private registration. Although you must pay an annual subscription in advance, there is a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.




  • Convenient interface.


  • 30 day money back guarantee.


  • Great support.




  • No VPS or Dedicated Servers.


Reasons to have website


1. Your website is the linchpin of your business.


Your website is at the center of all your marketing activities. Social media channels are changing. Facebook changes z. As the algorithm and other social media channels, you are subject to the rules of the provider. That is why it is very important to invest in a good website. The content of the website is your personal property. It can not be taken from you and can not be changed. Here you can determine the content yourself and decide what you want to show and say to your reader. You are practically independent and free. I assume that this is important to you as an entrepreneur.


2. Your unique website is your virtual storefront.


Do you know that? You walk through the shopping street and pass countless and very different shop windows. Which expenses appeal to you? Just be aware of how the shop windows are affecting you. There are shop windows that are crammed to the top. You are already overwhelmed at the mere look and delightful flooded. You have no desire to enter the business. And then there are those shop windows that do not fully use the space that is available. There is room to breathe and rest for the eye. The few parts are skilfully and attractively staged. Think for yourself what you like about a shop window. Which offer do you find interesting and why? Think about how you can present your offer in such a way that it shows the value and makes the prospective customer curious and invites you to inform yourself.


3. Your website can show your uniqueness.


You are a service provider, like me, and you know that it is important to show yourself in its uniqueness. But what exactly is your uniqueness? How do you differentiate yourself from other service providers offering something similar? Is it your personality? Your own story that you experienced? The way you went? Or is it your special experience or your special knowledge? Think carefully about what it is and see that you are expressing that and putting it out. Your corporate design helps you to make yourself unique. This should also reflect your website by using your logo, your fonts, and the consistent picture style that underlines your message.


4. With your unique website you can target your desired customers.


If you are a service provider, you know that it is important that you show your personality. People buy their services from people, and especially from people who are sympathetic to them and share the same values.


That's why it's important to show you. Show yourself with professional, but authentic pictures. Shows you in your activity. When you write the lyrics for your website, introduce yourself to your favorite client and speak directly to him. Address the problems and challenges that are driving it and point out which solutions you can provide. View results that can be achieved in collaboration with you.


Order a website in a web studio or do it yourself?


The world of modern business is hard to imagine without the Internet. The World Wide Web provides plenty of opportunities to attract customers and partners, make a profit, etc. To take advantage of these benefits, a company needs a reliable platform on the Web - its own website. That is why no modern enterprise can do without its web resource.


It should be noted that in recent years, the Internet has become more accessible. If 10–15 years ago, only large companies with an impressive budget could afford to purchase their representation on the Internet, now even a start-up company can acquire its own web resource without serious budget losses. Moreover, you can create a website in several ways. It is necessary to choose one or another option, proceeding, first of all, from the goals of the project, as well as from your possibilities.


So how can you become the owner of your site?


The ability to directly implement their ideas. Popular wisdom says: "Do you want to do well - do it yourself." Of course, this opinion has the right to life. Having learned to make websites on your own, you will be able to realize practically any of your creative ideas, and you will be able to avoid a lengthy explanation with the performer (who, alas, does not always understand what the customer needs).


Convenience in managing your site. Having mastered once the wisdom of creating a web site and working with it, you will easily change its structure and design, add new blocks, edit content, etc. Moreover, you will not have to hire an artist for a long time and long to explain to him that still required from him.


Cost savings. Of course, the creation of a web site, its support and promotion require considerable financial costs. Having mastered all the details of manufacturing and working with web resources, you will save a significant amount of money.


Who needs websites?


The idea that it is time to get your own website can come to anyone's head, from student to professor, from housewife to director of a large industrial association. The reasons for the emergence of such a thought can be very diverse, for example, it can be a way of public expression or the creation of a website can be aimed at making financial profit.


In addition, the creation of websites to order, quite a profitable business and the creation of its first site can push the desire to master this process and try it out in practice. In addition, if everything goes well and the site turns out beautiful, stylish and with good content, it can be used as a tool to attract customers and self-promotion, that is, as a portfolio.


Such cases are not uncommon when sites created precisely for the purpose of learning how to create them, are reborn into serious projects and begin to bring real income. In any case, whatever the reason for the emergence of such a thought, one should try to bring this matter to its logical conclusion. After all, having your own website, no doubt, will influence the formation of your image.


What do you need to know?


When selecting a platform for developing a resource, first of all, it is necessary to clearly define the tasks that it must solve. As a rule, the best online designers in Russian allow you to create attractive websites of any type free from simple business cards or landing pages to a multi-page and functional online store. Having decided on what you want to get at the output, go to the next stage.


  • A collection of templates. It is no secret that a beautifully designed resource attracts more visitors. It is necessary to choose a designer who not only allows you to create a website for free, but also offers a rich library of ready-made layouts, while the best option is with the ability to edit templates.


  • The cost of tariff plans. The price range and opportunities in the market are very diverse. As a rule, free tariffs have very limited functionality or small disk space. If you plan to grow your business, choose paid packages that include all the functions you need.


  • Opportunities. First of all, you should pay attention to the editor. It should be comfortable and functional. A visual editor that allows you to make adjustments and changes directly to the pages of the site is the best option for both beginners and advanced creators of the resource. Do not forget to learn about the connectivity of various widgets.


The best choice for:


  • small business -


  • blogging system -


  • photographer - prostores


  • ecommerce website builder -


  • professional website builder -


  • mobile website builder -


  • drag and drop website builder -






There are two main ways how to create a website - make it yourself or find an artist. In both cases, you need a certain amount of money and time, the amount of which depends on the choice of the path to achieving the goal and its complexity. Any of the approaches has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on the resources and requirements of the person who wants to create a website.




It all depends on the tariff and the platform you have chosen.




The concept of friendliness to mobile devices is applicable to both the themes of sites and templates. This is because both strive to provide site visitors on mobile devices with the best possible user experience.


They are configured depending on the device - a mobile phone, tablet or laptop - and apply the site design so that it can be easily seen on a smaller screen. In particular, they reduce the amount of scrolling, scaling and resizing that a site visitor must perform when viewing your site on a mobile device.




It's a technique that became known with the computer mouse.


Example - Move file or folder:


  • For example, you can use the computer mouse to click on a file or folder on your desktop.


  • Keep the mouse button pressed and move the object to the desired location.


  • Release the mouse button.




A domain is a globally unique name for a logically defined portion of the Internet - such as a website. Internet users encounter domains, for example, in this form:




  • Make sure your site is not a “site under construction” or incomplete with small or non-unique content.


  • When the site is ready, add it to Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Rambler, MSN, Also try adding your site to other search engines, however most of them are based on these leading search engines. Also add your website to reputable high PR directories, open directories, yellow pages and social bookmarks such as, furl, news2 and others.


  • Add a sitemap to Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Rambler, MSN, (usually a sitemap is an XML format file)


  • Offer a sitemap in HTML format for your visitors to simplify navigation.




Site creators can be divided into three main categories:


  • Proprietary Online Website Builders is a complete package that includes website builder, templates and hosting for your website.


  • Website creators provided by a hosting company - some hosting companies have their own website builders that you can use to create your website.


  • Content management systems - commonly referred to as CMS. The CMS itself is free to download and use, but you must purchase a hosting plan, and then install the CMS on your hosting server.