7 Myths About AI Writing: What It Can Do and What You Need To Know

Artificial intelligence writing has been around for years now. In fact, many big companies are using AI to create content for their websites and social media platforms. But with all of these myths out there …

AI writing myths and misconceptions

Artificial intelligence writing has been around for years now. In fact, many big companies are using AI to create content for their websites and social media platforms.

But with all of these myths out there about what AI writing can do and how it works, it’s not surprising that people still don’t know as much about this technology as they should.

In this article we will be exploring a few of the most common myths about artificial intelligence writing programs in order to clear up some misconceptions and give you a better understanding of how they work and what they are capable of doing.

Myth #1: AI writing can only check spelling and grammar, not produce quality content.

Luckily for us copywriters, that’s a myth!

Although many AI writing softwares are still only focusing on checking spell, grammar and punctuation, many more are now capable of producing amazing and original content – almost from scratch.

You can find AI writing softwares that will rephrase entire pieces of content according to a given tone of voice. Other softwares will write up entire blog posts for you, based on a few inputs you give them.

Many AI writing softwares can produce high-quality content for a wide variety of purposes and formats – not only corporate reports, but also: blogs posts, articles or press releases that sound like they were written by a human; social media updates with a natural flow to them; emails with a personal touch, and more!

Some AI writing softwares are even capable of tackling specific niche subjects, saving you precious research –and writing– time!

Myth #2: Using AI will not save me time because I will have to double-check everything .

Again, a myth.

AI writing software has a human-sounding narrative voice which makes it easier for readers to understand; this is the reason why you won’t have to re-read everything that they write a second time!

The best AI writing softwares will give your content a professional edit and proofread before publishing it – saving you hours of editing a post on your own.

AI writing machine

Myth #3: AI writing will replace human writing.

Nope! Although AI writers do save a lot of time, there’s still a need for a human editor.

You won’t have to double-check everything, but editing is always a bit needed, at the very least to make sure the content makes sense and has a logical flow.

While AI might be better than traditional copywriting in some ways, the content will always need to be read (and felt) by humans at least once before publishing in order to appeal to the target audience.

Myth #4: AI writing assistants produce perfect publishable content.

Well, for this one, it does depend a bit.

The quality of AI content generation varies a lot, not only from platform to platform but also within a same AI writing software (see our Jarvis.ai review). If you are lucky enough, one thousandth of the time, you will find yourself with a ready-to-publish blog post that will need almost no editing.

But most of the time, as we mentioned above, you will need to do some editing. AI writers will save you a lot of time, especially in research, but they are not a magical solution that generates perfect articles one after the other – which, in the end, is a good thing for copywriters.

Myth #5: Your audience won’t be interested in what you have to say if it was written by an AI.

This myth is a bit of a stretch.

If anything, it might interest your audience to see how AI can craft a story or article in their absence and without their input! This will likely appeal to the curious among us who like to explore new things.

Some people also say that they think that an AI writes and sounds a little off because of a lack of a certain human touch.

This myth is a little more believable, but it’s not always a bad thing if an AI writes your content in a different voice or tone than you would!

Is AI writing that expensive?

Myth #6: The price of using AI is expensive and not worth the investment.

The price of the best AI writing softwares varies, but is it really expensive?

The amount you save by outsourcing your content creation to an AI or a freelancer can easily outweigh the upfront cost.

And if you’re a business that’s struggling with a lack of time and resources, this will likely be worth every penny!

You should keep in mind that the AI writing software is a tool, not a magic wand. The only way to be absolutely sure if it’s worth the investment for your business or website will depend on what you’re trying to accomplish and how much time and resources you have available.

Myth #7: AI writing can only improve or produce content and will not help with SEO.

The truth is that some AI writing softwares can help with your SEO.

For example, Jarvis from conversion.ai is a system that can not only generate content but also helps a website rank higher in search engines with a tool called SurferSEO.

There you’ll be able to see your content score as well as keywords suggestions in order to improve your copy in real time!

Some of the best AI-assisted writing platforms of our Ultimate List also provide SEO features to help your content rank highest!

In this article we have explored a few of the most common myths in order to clear up some misunderstandings and give you a better understanding of how artificial intelligence works and what kind of tasks it can do for your company or website.

We hope this article has been helpful! If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out in the comments section 🙂

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