The Ultimate List of AI Writing Softwares in 2021

Are you a copywriter who is tired of having to write content for your blog? Or a writer who needs help coming up with ideas? There’s a solution that will help you write a lot …

Are you a copywriter who is tired of having to write content for your blog? Or a writer who needs help coming up with ideas?

There’s a solution that will help you write a lot faster and more efficiently and say goodbye to writer’s block.

Today, we’re going to talk about the best AI writing softwares!

These programs can help take a lot of the stress off your shoulders by doing things like correcting grammar mistakes, creating witty headlines and even generating entire articles based on keywords.

Read on to find out which software suits you best! is an AI-powered program that was made to help you write copy for your business so that it resonates with the intended audience. The AI software can actually learn and grow as you do, making a one-of-a-kind experience for each user.

You will work with the help of Jasper, your personal AI assistant that takes care of everything for you. Jasper can help you with writing blog posts, but also copywriting for marketing materials such as sales pages, ads and other promotional material.

Jasper can write like a pro in various niches as you can see in our case study.

On, you can also check your SEO score while you write, thanks to the integration of SurferSEO in the program.

And all the while, it will check grammar and punctuation, and you can even adapt the tone of voice from witty to professional –and you can even ask him to write using a celebrity’s tone of voice!

You know that feeling when you dream of Morgan Freeman saying your own words? With Jasper, now, you can have him write for you, in his own style.

Check out our full Jasper review and see for yourself!

Grammarly Business

Grammarly - AI writing software

Grammarly started operations in 2009 and has positioned itself as one of the leading grammar and spell-checking tools on the market.

You get to check spelling, grammar, contextual errors, improving your writing skills with every sentence that is checked by its AI-powered software.

Grammarly also lets users perform checks for different English variants, such as Australian English or US English (no other language is currently supported though), while providing provisions against plagiarism through checking originality of text submitted online.

As to the AI-powered writing assistant, it is available in the pro version of Grammarly only. The writing assistant tool is an excellent resource for those struggling with sentence structure and style, but it also helps you make your text more concise without sacrificing clarity.

Learn more with our full Grammarly Premium review!


Inkforall - AI writing software

InkForAll is an AI content and SEO optimization software that, unlike the other platforms listed here, has to be downloaded onto your computer and cannot be accessed through your browser.

The AI assistant allows you to generate copy, but also expand, simplify or rewrite sentences. Its simple and refined interface is easy to use and allows you to work distraction-free.

InkForAll includes a number of SEO features that will help you rank better on Google. It scans the top ranking pages for your keywords and comes up with a to-do list for you to complete. And there’s a free version for you to try most features beforehand too!

Our full InkForAll review here!


Rytr - AI writing software

Rytr is a rather new AI-powered content generation and improvement tool. Its easy-to-use and intuitive interface can help writers save a lot of time by creating original content from scratch.

You can choose from a large variety of content types, ranging from blog posts to social media ads, emails, job descriptions, SEO metadescriptions, and more! There are also a lot of paraphrasing possibilities: you can expand, shorten, or reword content.

To improve copy, you can choose from 20 different tones of voice and rephrase your content automatically to sound more informative, humorous, convincing or even passionate!

The free trial version allows you to use all the features on Rytr, but you can only write up to 5000 characters a month. And good to know: there’s a mobile app!

Read our Rytr review here.


Quillbot -  AI writing software

QuillBot is a paraphrasing tool that uses AI technology to rewrite any piece of content. The main reason for QuillBot is to rephrase sentences while preserving the meaning in its original form.

It was founded by three computer science students back in 2017 after deciding they wanted an affordable option on the market. They’ve been adding new features and improving quality ever since then!

QuillBot currently provides 7 modes of paraphrasing: from formal to creative, there are many ways you can improve, shorten or expand your content.

There’s also a forever free version available for you to try out, that allows you to paraphrase short pieces of content at a time (up to 400 characters). - AI writing software is an AI-powered platform that helps you improve your rankings and organic traffic by suggesting topics for articles based on keywords related to your industry or webpage, providing competitor analysis, and assisting with goal setting.

This platform was created by SEO and marketing experts: will analyze top-ranked content for keywords, topics and competition research, then suggest topic ideas along with the opportunity to track progress of ranking.

It has an AI writing and rewriting feature that helps you paraphrase your content according to your needs, as well as an AI-powered SEO feature based on SERP analysis for on-page accuracy.

You can try it for free for 30 days. See our Outranking io review!


AI-writer - AI writing software

AI-Writer is a software that will generate articles for you, so it’s perfect for SEO copywriters who are busy and don’t have the time to do research. It provides an AI-powered content generator based on keyword or topic headline information provided by its user.

This platform scrapes related web data in order to create insightful pieces of work that will allegedly save you up to 33% more writing time.

AI Writer also provides a text rewriting function. Let’s say you’ve written your own, unique blog post and want to reuse the same content elsewhere on Google or another social media platform without getting penalized for duplicate content – AI Writer can help!

There’s also a 7-day trial version if you want to try it out.


Kafkai - AI writing software

Kafkai is an AI writing software that specializes in niche content for SEO copywriters and marketers. Its writing model was trained to work specifically on 30+ niche topics such as Beauty, Food, Gaming, Self-improvement, Finance, Education or even SEO.

You can choose between 3 AI writing modes: 1) Niche article writer, that will generate an entire article automatically at random, 2) Niche article writer with seedling, that you have to feed with a descriptive paragraph for it to write an article on a specific subject, and 3) General writing with seedling, to generate an article that doesn’t focus on any of the niche topics.

You can try it for free for 3 days, or for 30 days and have your money back if there’s no significant increase in your content output.

Check out our full Kafkai review for even more info!


Writer  - AI writing software is an AI-powered software that specializes in brand communication and focuses on allowing you (and your team) to stay consistent in your tone of voice, writing style and vocabulary.

So as well as checking spelling, grammar and punctuation in real time while you write, this software can also make suggestions based on your personal dictionary, a list of keywords or expressions that are best suited for your brand or company.

It can be used on Chrome, Google Docs or Microsoft Word, and there’s a 30-day free trial.


WordAi - AI writing software

WordAi is a paraphrasing tool based on artificial intelligence that will help you rewrite entire pieces of content to produce a completely new output. One article can be rewritten and changed up to a thousand different times, while keeping its original meaning!

It comes with a uniqueness score feature that allows you to make sure there’s no plagiarism within your content. You can also decide how adventurous WordAi paraphrasing will be to improve your SEO impact and aim for longer-trail keywords.

It provides a 3-day free or a 30-day satisfied or guaranteed trial.

Other AI writing tools to consider

Headline studio

Headline Studio is a platform that, as the name suggests, analyzes and improves your headlines to catch your readers’ eye and entice them to take action.

It uses a data-powered SEO tool to indicate whether your headlines will perform well or not and how to improve them. There’s also a free browser extension that you can use on any website the tool is needed.


Copywritely is a web-based proofreading and SEO analysis platform that uses a SERP checker to give you advice on which keywords to use to outperform your competitors.

This tool will help you detect plagiarism, as well as keyword stuffing. It also provides a readability score to help you make your content as pleasant for your readers as for the search engines.


Thanks to its AI-powered technology, Articoolo helps you write blog posts and other content while focusing on its SEO performance. This platform can also help you generate headlines and is great at helping you get started and avoid writer’s block. You can also rewrite or summarize pieces of content.


Anyword is an AI copy generation tool that helps you find the best keywords to include in your content, thanks to its predictive performance score. It’s meant for bloggers, copywriters and SEO writers in general and can help you save precious research time. This platform also helps you rephrase or generate content according to keywords you determine to be important.

If you need to write a lot of emails in a short time, might be the tool for you. This platform helps you generate personalized emails through AI-powered automation and copywriting. It crawls the web to find and use information on your prospects in order to write emails with high opening rates for each of them.


UseTopic is an AI powered tool that is mainly SEO-oriented. You just enter the main keyword you want to focus on, and the platform will give you the headings, questions and lexical field your content should include by analyzing your competitors, saving you hours of research time.


Writesonic is an AI marketing copywriting tool that can help you produce a lot of different content pieces: blog posts, landing pages, social media ads, Google ads, YouTube tiles and so on. It’s available in 20+ languages and is SEO-oriented as well.


Wordtune is an easy-to-use paraphrasing tool, powered by artificial intelligence to make sure the original meaning of your message is preserved. You can choose between a formal or casual tone of voice. There’s also a free Google extension for you to use on any website.


This AI-powered tool is meant to help students write academic essays, while checking for any plagiarism and proofreading your work. Essaybot also provides citations to include in the copy. You can try it for free but will need to register in order to save (or even copy & paste) your work.


Skillsroads is a platform on which you can create an AI-generated resume, as well as doing some editing and rewriting. There’s also a free AI review tool that will analyze your resume and check whether it can pass ATS.


Acrolinx is a content management platform meant for entreprises and SMEs. Its AI technology will facilitate SEO management, analyze content and help writers of a same company keep a consistent tone of voice and keywords usage.


Whether you want to make sure your brand is fostering a sense of belonging, or write inclusive job offers that will attract men and women equally, Textio will make sure you find the right words. This AI-powered platform gives suggestions for your copy to be as inclusive as it can.


Textmetrics is an augmented writing platform destined to recruiters and marketeers. It will help create inclusive and SEO-oriented job offers, as well as keeping a welcoming and consistent brand identity.


If you are a student or an academic who needs to save a lot of time doing your research, Genei is the perfect tool for you. Its AI technology will help you summarize articles, pinpoint key concepts and easily generate citations in order to write your essays or academic works.


Snazzy is a Jasper-like AI content generation platform that will help you create copy for landing pages, SEO metadescriptions, Google and social media ads, emails, product descriptions and more. There’s also a forever free plan that allows you to generate 5 pieces of content a day!


Outwrite is a paraphrasing tool powered by artificial intelligence that allows you to rephrase your copy, using powerful synonyms and correcting grammar or spelling mistakes while you write. There’s also a suggestion tool to help improve your writing style.

Another Jasper-like tool that helps you generate marketing content, allows you to create copy for social media ads, blog posts, product descriptions and more! There’s a 7-day free trial if you want to test it first.


Lightkey is an AI-powered writing assistant that will help you write a lot faster by giving you real-time text suggestions, as well as correcting grammar and spelling mistakes while you write. It will learn as you work with it to stay consistent with your tone of voice and personal style.


Destined to marketeers, copywriters and business owners, Headlime is an AI-powered copy generation platform that will help you come up with social media ads, headlines, blog posts and more. It provides copy templates that are ready for you to use.


WritingAssistant is a very affordable AI tool that will proofread your copy for grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes, as well as providing you with clear explanations and style improvement suggestions. You can also add a personal dictionary.

Content Villain

“Your partner in crime for great content online”, Content Villain is an AI-powered tool that will help you generate copy for marketing purposes (social media ads, product descriptions, etc.). There’s also a long-form content model for all your blog posts.


GoCopy’s mission: get rid of the writer’s block for you. Whether you need to write a blog post, a social media ad, a headline or even find ideas for your next piece of content, this AI platform will generate copy according to your needs.


ContentBot is a web-based platform powered by artificial intelligence that will help you generate copy for all your marketing or blogging needs. Its Inspiration tool will provide you with daily, weekly or monthly inspirational ideas for your blog.

If you have specific copywriting needs, will generate it for you. Its AI technology will generate copy for a large variety of needs: blog ideas, headlines, content or conclusion, SEO meta-title or -description, social media copy, Amazon product description, Quora answers, and more!

Talk To Walle

Destined to writers in the broader sense, Talk To Walle is an AI-powered platform that will help you fight writer’s block and generate poems, articles or stories. You can try it for free (2000 words generation limit).


TextCortex is an AI copy generation tool that you can setup to address different target segments according to your needs. It will give you 5 outputs for each input and is trained for SEO optimization.

Another AI-powered marketing copy generation tool, will help you with your content writing by generating Facebook and Google ads copy, slogans, product names and descriptions, blog ideas, etc.

Meant for Public Relations professionals, is an artificial intelligence tool that will generate press announcements, feature articles, media pitches and more while adopting the tone of voice you need. is meant for marketeers who need to generate high-converting copy fast and easily. Its AI technology can generate many copy templates, ranging from social media ads to blog posts and so on.


Thundercontent is an AI writing assistant that will help you generate and write long-form content such as articles, on a distraction-free and easy-to-use interface. You can even write a novel if you like, as there’s no content limit on the editor!

Thanks for reading this Ultimate List of AI Writing Softwares!

We hope you found the perfect software to meet your needs. Whether you are a marketeer, copywriter or blog owner, having an AI writing assistant should help you save precious research and writing time.

Let us know in the comments what other AI writing software we missed–we’ll be happy to check them out!

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