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Our writers have written up some articles you'll find useful when researching for a website builder.

What is a Website Builder?
Find out about the newest, easiest and most affordable way of getting a website online. Learn how it compares to traditional methods of website building and what benefits you can expect to see from a website builder.
What You Need to Get Your Business Online: The Basic Ingredients for Making a Website
Find out what your online business can't do without.
The Bare Essentials for Selling Online
Learn what tools you'll need to sell your products online and what features to keep an eye out for.
6 Tools To Look For In A Website Builder
Learn what tools can help you communicate your marketing message and keep your customers in the loop.
Website Builder Extras: 6 Things That May Cost More
Some website builders include everything you need, others charge extra for additional services. Find out what extra fees you'll want to consider before choosing a website builder.
Introduction to Search Engines
Learn what a search engine is, how it works, and how to submit your website to the big ones.
Keywords: How to Choose Them and Use Them
Keywords are one of the most important tools for connecting you to your customers. Find out what they are, how to come up with your own, and how to use them.
Meta Tags: What They Are and How They Work
Meta tags are part of your websites programming code. Learn how search engines use this code and how you can maximize its capabilities.
Link Popularity: Increase Traffic with Inbound Links
Link popularity, or the number of inbound links, is another factor search engines use to figure out your website's importance. Learn more about link popularity and how you can increase that of your website.
Directories: An Alternative to Search Engines
Learn how categorized website directories work and how they can benefit you.
How to Write for the Internet
Your web content needs to be written so that it's easy for visitors to digest and easy for search engines to explore. Learn tips and tricks to satisfy both of them.
How to Write Website Content That Sells
It's one thing to get people to visit your website. Convincing them to buy your products or use your services is something different all together. Find out how to write pursuasive copy that will help you turn visitors into customers.
How to Make Your Content Easy to Scan
Reading off a screen is more difficult than reading off paper. Find out how to make it easier for your website visitors to quickly identify what your website is all about.
Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Get Your Website on Search Engines Now
Pay-per-click advertising is a great way to get your website on search engines, without having to wait for the search engines to find you on their own. Learn how it works and how it will benefit you.
Google Webmaster Central
Google Webmaster Central is a great resource for website owners. Learn how this free service can help you manage your website and your marketing campaigns.
Price Comparison Chart
So you can better compare pricing, we've assembled a cost matrix listing fees associated with the 8 website builders we've reviewed.
What are Internet Shopping Services?
Explains how Internet shopping services (i.e. eBay, Froogle,,, etc.) work and how they benefit you as a Web store owner.
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