Best Website Builders For Blogs

# Score Plans Main Advantage Get Started


  • Intuitive visual editor with drag-and-drop function maintenance.
  • Low price and frequent sales.
  • SEO block.
  • Integration with various apps and platforms (Facebook, MailChimp, SlideShare, etc.).
  • Ability to make backups in a couple of clicks.
  • Flexible total customization.


  • You can create a website and get it live in a matter of minutes
  • It’s super easy to use
  • Its pricing plans are very cheap in comparison to some competitors


  • Free trial
  • Premium support included with all accounts
  • Value-added features


  • SSL certification;
  • Small business listings;
  • Blogging platform;
  • Quality customer support;
  • 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Full freedom design.
  • Option to have more than one site.


  • 25 different pre-made pages for business tools.
  • Over 1750 Business Templates
  • Over 600,000 websites built using CityMax

Think about blogging? Here are the best blog platforms in 2019

There might be a number of good reasons to start your own blogging:

  • The need to self-express through the written word.

  • The desire to gain friends and online admirers, including followers.

  • The need to backup some commercial brand with constant updates of blogging information about it, make the audience of readers and associated persons stay heated and informed about the novelties of a brand.

  • To become a leader of opinion in the area – and to promotes self through blogging as one of the possible channels of self-promotion.

  • To earn money.

Actually, the last point is far not the least one in almost every blogger’s head. Nearly everyone, starting blogging in 2019 hopes to earn money on it. The ways of earning are many and blogging seems for many an easier way to make money for living than to employ at some lousy work and to be connected to the working place with a desk and a bunch of hated colleagues for the biggest part of their life, 5 days in a row in a 7-day week. It might be a good solution for you and you can definitely start earning on your writing if you meet several criteria:

  • consistency of your writing, week by week, month by month, year by year, giving your audience the result, which they expect to receive

  • steady or increasing quality of your writing

  • communication with your audience, letting people feel they are connected to you and the things you write

  • discuss with them what they share with you and answer their comments to your posts 

  • interesting topic of your writing – it should be interesting for you personally and the theme you’re working in must have a decent number of interested readers so they become your followers, with their number growing

  • give your readers beauty of uploaded pictures, humor in your texts, be relevant and expert in the topic, and submit general positivity of mood – so people listen to you and want to come back to check if there’s news.

In the FAQ section, we will tell a bit more about what to write about and how to monetize a blog so to make the picture more complete.

For the goals of blogging, you need skills to write interestingly for the potential readers, a PC to work on with online connection, and the right tool in the form of a blogging platform – a website with nice interface and functionality. In this article below, we are considering best blog sites builders so to let you know, which tools to use to start new blogging or boost up your already going blogging. 


Blogging platforms: introduction 

Blogging website creators are the online tools, which allow everyone in the world (with a PC and Internet access) to create a new blogging website to start writing. Remember that blogging is more than just publishing texts and pictures – it’s also connection to social media, sharing and retweeting what others write and say, keeping in touch with your readers and answering everyone promptly, reacting on both camps of your readers – lovers and haters (haters are especially useful, as you can learn from them to become better, and to realize how many bad people are in this world so to learn not to frustrate yourself when receiving negativity on your side, which will ALWAYS be no matter what and how cool you do – as there are always people who hate anything, even themselves; it’s just human nature built on competition, envy to more successful species, and the need to excel over them by whatever means, even by means of bringing them down, to own satisfaction). So just accept the fact that custom haters should teach you to become better, not bring you down, and after you realize that, simply go start doing your business – which begins with choosing a website builder right for blogging.


Choosing a blog platform: useful tips

  • Money. You give your money on a monthly basis in return for some features that a blogging website creator gives to you. If you don’t see features that you need – then either seek them in another plan of subscription or change a blogging website creator.

  • Scalability. When you’re just starting a blog, many templates and possibilities of this or that blogging website creator may seem fabulously suitable to you. Over time, gaining experience and knowing more details of your business and preferences of your audience, you need to have more specific tools and options of scaling up and down. They may prompt you to change the website creator to another or you can just upgrade to a new plan, costlier one. As migrating is a hard way, especially if you have up to this moment hundreds of blog posts, you have to make the list of possible wants, which you would like to use one day in the future and to search for them beforehand, at the stage of making your choice.

  • Friendliness of the interface. A beginner may need a handful of options and a fast start of a website to work. An experienced user may need to make blog posts quick, alter HTML and CSS to receive better personification, and other things. If the working interface of a blogging website creator allows you to work in it effectively and hassle-free, delivering the tools to your needs, then it should suit you.

  • Friendliness to mobile & tablet screens. Needless to say to a blogger that friendliness to mobile and tablet screens is the essential must-have, without which you just can’t run your blog. Otherwise, you are going to look miserable. 

  • Monetization and earning. Study these possibilities and their cost in a blogging website creator in advance – you have got to know in what ways and for what money you will be able to monetize and sell, and how convenient it will be for you and for your readers. 


Our list of the best blog builders – 2019

  • Weebly
  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • Strikingly
  • SITE123


Overview of top-rated website creator is currently the most powerful system to create websites – not only blogs. It is excellent for advanced users and those who can afford a programmer to start and maintain the changes of a blogging site.


Advancements of website creator:

  • Has the biggest power amongst all blog website builders in the world.

  • An extensive list of plugins, add-ons, software, widgets, apps, and tools that can be integrated with your blogging website.

  • Many ready-made themes are waiting for you – free and paid. 

  • Complete mobile-friendliness.

  • Great support community and many people-programmers know how to work with it.


Weak spots of website creator:

  • This is the most technically complicated blogging platform to work with – and completely not beginner-friendly.

  • Unless you are proficient in setting up a website technically on your own, you have to hire someone who knows how to deal with all aspects.  

  • Requires installation on your PC to maintain the changes of the website.


Price of website creator

There is no such notion as a single price paid for a website running on a monthly basis. The cost of setting up and run will depend on a big number of factors like:

  • the cost of templates and connected apps to the website

  • hosting

  • the work of a programmer to solve your tasks during the run

  • SSL, HTTPS, payment channels connection, and transaction fees for purchases

  • domain name purchase and running.

This collectively may make your expenses from nearly 0 dollars up to ∞.


Overview of the easiest blog platform Weebly 

Weebly is loved for high simplicity and untangled interface. It is suitable for both, novices and experienced users. Weebly, like any other blogging platform, is inferior to in power of creativity, adjustments, and automation.


Advancements of Weebly website creator:

  • Convenient drag-and-drop.

  • Good SEO.

  • Google Analytics is connected easily.

  • A free-run is available.

  • Mobile app to edit on the go.

  • Mobile-friendliness.


Weak spots of Weebly website creator:

  • No possibility to export or backup a website, as well as there is no restore function.

  • A very limited free plan, completely disallowing monetization.

  • Whilst there are many apps from its store to integrate with, no third-party apps are allowed.


Price of website creator Weebly:

The price, excluding a free plan, starts with €5 a month and ends with €30 a month. 10-20-30 Euros are given by you if you need an online store, to push up the monetization abilities. If you are not willing that, pay just €5 a month or run for free.


Overview of Wix website creator

Wix is currently one of the leaders and many millions of people use it. It has a number of nice templates and many bloggers start with Wix until they migrate to some more professional blogging platform when they grow up.


Advancements of Wix website creator:

  • Many blogging templates.
  • Start with just $4.50 a month.
  • Save and restore your website at any time.
  • Monetize.
  • ADI is to help you with the initial making of a website.


Weak spots of Wix website creator:

  • No HTML editing.

  • Not possible to migrate elsewhere.

  • Some of its themes are paid and not friendly for mobile and tablet screens.

  • Pretty often, its servers are down – during the time of writing of reviews of website builders for blogs and other types of sites, and only during 2019, we’ve encountered on it in a non-working state like 5 times (which has never happened to other online tools) – which means that this blogging platform is the worst in terms of uptime of self and all blog websites it hosts. Do you really need that?


Price of blog platform Wix:

Bloggers will find $8.50 and $12.50 plans suitable for their needs (the low-cost one, for $4.50 a month, is too limited and shows Wix’s commercials all over the pages of the site). Monetization is kinda pricey in this website creator and will cost you in premium subscriptions from 17 to 35 dollars a month. 


Overview of best blogging platform is a little less powerful than its big brother but it is much friendlier to novices and allows building a website without HTML knowledge at all.


Advancements of blog platform:

  • You can work here using drag-and-drop just like in any other website creator.

  • There is a beginning wizard, which allows walking through the installation steps easily.

  • No coding.

  • Stats are powerful.

  • A separate subscription plan for bloggers. 

  • Support through many channels is ready to solve your issues. 


Weak spots of blog platform:

  • All accounts differ so much that you have to study them really closely before opting for any one of them.

  • Monetization is also not a cheap one here.

  • You do not actually own your website, they do.


Price of blog platform

‘Blogger’ plan is inexpensive, only €3 a month. Monetization, however, comes only with €8 a month and higher.


Overview of Squarespace best site to start a blog

This is a primary choice if you need high-end beauty and good enough functionality. Many bloggers choose it for wonderful SEO, helpful support service, many themes (but not too many of them are free to use), and blogging power.


Advancements of Squarespace blog platform:

  • It has every template done as a piece of art.

  • A cool-looking domain name is in every plan when paid for a year.

  • SSL and HTTPS are free.

  • Metrics are of power.

  • No limits in storage & bandwidth, unlike Wix.

  • Friendliness to mobile screens, as well as to tablet’s screen.


Weak spots of Squarespace blog platform:

  • The interface is not the easiest one for a beginner.

  • No support for 3rd party apps.

  • No domain name if paid monthly, not yearly.

  • 2 levels of navigation are clearly not enough for complex sites.


Price of blog platform Squarespace:

12 dollars is the starting price and you can pay as much as $46 a month – to include powerful commission-free monetization and sales.

Overview of Blogger blog platform

Blogger is the easiest platform, payment-free, and completely integrated with Google services, as it was acquired by Google Company years ago. 


Advancements of Blogger blog platform:

  • If you have already been working in Google account – you will know the interface completely.

  • No payments required for anything amongst the main things – hosting, the domain name (inside of Google’s umbrella), e-mail attachment, initial setup, running and making modifications, as well as storage and bandwidth.

  • Security and technical smoothness are high.

  • Friendliness to mobiles.


Weak spots of Blogger blog platform:

  • Not strong compared to other best blog sites’ tools.

  • Not enough options to popularize strongly.

  • Monetization is basic and done through the Google payment interface.

  • No other integrations but with Google’s services and some social media.

  • Adverts of Google all over unless you recommend every your reader to install AdBlock and a browser, which allows AdBlock (as many modern browsers’ updates locked the AdBlock from running on the software level and it’s necessary to switch to another browser’s versions and to disable automatic updates in order to continue using AdBlock, you know).


Price of blog platform Blogger:



Overview of Tumblr blog platform

This is another free platform, which is going to give you the branded subdomain. But it doesn’t feel like you’re running own website – it’s like a fraction of someone else’s. 


Advancements of Tumblr blog platform:

  • Free to run and pretty easy.

  • Easy to publish, make updates to the published, and comment.

  • Integration with every popular social media. 

  • Many types of allowed media (texts, gifs, videos, audios & images).


Weak spots of Tumblr blog platform:

  • You get a platform’s subdomain name only.

  • Can’t go beyond what’s allowed.

  • No backup, no restore.


Price of blog platform Tumblr:

It’s free.


Overview of Strikingly blog platform

This platform does not provide its users with high adjustability of templates and designs are not out-of-the-box. 5 Gb of storage in low plans is not enough for popular blogs. On the other hand, it has cool user support and ease of use. You can create a website with RSS and website search. 


Advancements of Strikingly blog platform:

  • A free domain for 12 months when paid for a year of use. 

  • Edit HTML, JavaScript, CSS freely.

  • Sell products through your website.


Weak spots of Strikingly blog platform:

  • Only high plans like Pro open more than 5 Gb of storage.

  • Bandwidth and storage are limited in anything but high-cost ‘Pro’ plan.


Price of blog platform Strikingly:

Besides the free run, obtain three types of plans: ‘Limited’ ranging from 7 to 12 bucks a month, ‘Pro’ from 11.20 to 20, and ‘VIP’ from $34.40 to $49 a month. The price largely depends on the payment period you are opting for.


Overview of Site123 blog platform

If you’re not searching for any complexity of the usage, you can safely start using Site123. This website creator offers a nice value for money, helpful support of clients (especially though their live chat) & easy-to-use FAQ.


Advancements of Site123 blog platform:

  • Easy social media integration.

  • RSS embedded.

  • Comments are done easily (not as it is with such a tool as Disqus).

  • The start is very easy thanks to a beginning customization help manager, which assists to allow you to start within a few minutes, up to 1 hour.

  • No specific knowledge is required.


Weak spots of Site123 blog platform:

  • If you’re searching for powerful features, you will not find many in this website creator. It is designed for people cherishing their time and thus, not willing to spend extra to increase the hardness of their blogging website and also for those users, who do not have any special knowledge to run a blog.

  • You cannot get into HTML, JS, PHP, CSS, and thus, creativity and adjustability are limited.

  • You cannot do many contributors to your website, as well as many authors & hashtags.


Price of blog platform Site123:

The free run supposes a limited usage (as in the case with any other such tool). You will have small storage and bandwidth, which are going to push you up, to make an upgrade and breathe freer. A payment equal to 7.80 dollars a month is going to allow you the following:

  • 10 Gb storage

  • 5 Gb bandwidth

  • the free domain name for 12 months

  • no branded commercials on the body of your webpages

  • starting e-commerce.

However, this is what said on the ‘Pricing’ page of this website creator. But when you actually opt for making a payment, you are given information that the packages are different – ‘Basic’, ‘Advanced’, ‘Professional’ & ‘Gold’, completely not coinciding with the two just named. Deception? Highly likely. To use or not to use such a deceiving tool – this question in under your consideration.

FAQ about blog builders

How to monetize a blog?

In 2019, there exist plenty of ways of monetization and you can use any standalone ones or their combination to make money:

  • PPC – Pay Per Click – the model, when you place commercial of third parties on your blogging website and so when your visitors click on the advert banner and go to the website of an advertiser, you got paid. Needless to say that your site should have a reliable reputation, be long-lasting enough and – most importantly – to have a decent visitor’s base so to become interesting to potential advertisers. If you have like 10,000 people reading you every day, your blog enters into the top blog sites, and it is a wonderful basis to start earning on PPC. The rates usually count for 1,000 clicks and may include a number of factors like the length of stay of a person on a visited website from the banner on yours, whether they buy anything there and so on. This also includes native advertising – a form of one, which is not instantaneously understood by a visitor that he or she sees a commercial – as organically this ad looks like an embedded part of your blogging website.

  • Sales of products – these can be yours or someone’s (in the latter case, you receive a percentage from sales or an agreed monthly amount for the presence on your blogging site). The products may be physical and digital. The last ones are better to sell, as they do not need the delivery and return processes.

  • Participate in someone else’s website product sales. The common form of this collaboration is that you place a link on your blog leading to the website of destination on the list of blog sites and when a user clicks there and/or buy anything there or does any other agreed action (like becomes a lead), then you are paid. Bright best personal blogs’ example of such actions – the placement of a form of air tickets finding on a website, filling which a visitor gets to the website of air tickets seller with a proposition to look through the found results and to buy one. 

  • Donations. The direct form of sending money to your accounts by people who are willing to support your blog or the ideas that you promote.

  • Fundraising and assistance in this. You can fundraise money for your projects to make them come true or to help some other people to fundraise for them, for some commission left on your side.

  • Sponsored posts and articles. You can take the preliminarily written posts and articles containing some advertized materials about anything and be paid for the placement of those on your blogging platform. 

  • Generate the flow of visitors to other blogging platforms and sites.

  • E-mail marketing – send letters with some commercial proposals to your subscribers.

  • Make similar websites to other people – if they want to resort to your services.

  • Sell your popular blog sites to other people, for money – as a form of regular business.

Surely, for your understanding – most of the above-mentioned ways of obtaining money require from you to have a blogging website with a big daily audience. To increase it, it is needed to connect to social media and be active in a number of other channels, including real-life presence on various events of other bloggers and popular people. 


How to set up a blog?

Setting up is the easiest part of the entire blogging process. Pick one website creator from our list and then register there, pick a theme, master the interface, personalize the look of pages to your needs, and start writing.


How to promote a blog?

Promotion is one of the hardest ways for each task on the Internet, as there is such a plethora of information that it is easy to get lost in it. So, you have to be consistent in everyday activities in promoting your blogging website and optimally choose a strategy to promote through the listed below channels and means:

  • Automated notifications to subscribers about the arrival of new content 

  • Posts optimization

  • Post in same-interest communities

  • E-mail

  • Facebook and other social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and ones of regional meaning if you live outside the English-speaking world)

  • YouTube (if you combine blogging and vlogging)

  • Outreach 

  • Partnerships

  • Paid promotions

  • SEO.


What should I blog about?

You always have to pick a theme of interest to you (where you already a specialist or want to become one because of your personal excitement about it or having a job in this area).

Writing about anything, you have to:

  • Feel that your writing is going to interest people and they would like to read more from you

  • Be consistent in delivering content in the defined time intervals by you. If you say that, for instance, you are going to publish a new post every Thursday, then, by the end of 11 PM on Thursday, a new post must be done even if there’s a zombie apocalypse on the street.

  • Find the niche with lower competition, as if it is flooded with people writing with excellence and for a long time about some topic, then why you are needed in this niche? Unless your word cuts so wittily and sharply that you are completely assured that you can overtake anyone in the niche.

  • Deliver fresh-look materials, possibly, filling some gaps in the writing of other bloggers, supplementing their blog posts or writing anew based on the already changed information.

  • Listen to the interests of your audience. If people ask you to write something particular in the comment below the blog posts, you may reply them as an answer or you can write a completely new blog about the theme, disclosing the requested issue with bigger power.

How to create a successful blog?

Brainstorm the name of the blog. It must be catchy. Communicate with your audience. Remember that the worst outcome of every blogger is to have no comments and shares of his or her writing, which means that the content isn’t read and the blogger is unpopular. Even be ready to share some screaming details of your life at times to attract the audience’s attention. You have to be zealous about writing on your blog every day. Sleep and eat with an idea of writing and improvement – and if that fire won’t extinguish in your heart through the years, then you have tremendous chances to become a successful blogger and writer.