Ink For All: AI Writing SEO Software Review

We’ve been there: optimizing content for SEO can be tough. All the research, writing, and editing require a lot of time and effort. This is where AI can help you out –again. Introducing one of …

We’ve been there: optimizing content for SEO can be tough.

All the research, writing, and editing require a lot of time and effort.

This is where AI can help you out –again.

Introducing one of the latest writing assistant software, in the top 3 of our Ultimate AI Writing Software List: Ink For All, aka INK!

If you ever used the incredible tool to generate content, you’ll see that Ink For All is a rather similar tool –think of it as an alternative to Grammarly Business and Yoast SEO combined.

Side note, if you never tried Jarvis, go ahead and check out our full review; you won’t be disappointed.

So what exactly does Ink For All (INK) have to offer for SEO experts and content marketers? What makes it stand out from the crowd of writing assistants on today’s market? Read on to find out!

What is Ink For All?

INK offer
Ink For All offer on official website

Let’s start this review by detailing what Ink For All can do for both content writers and SEO experts. Its main value proposition rests on 3 basic principles:

  • You can generate copy automatically using the AI writing assistant, as well as rewrite, shorten or expand sentences;
  • You get a to-do list of tasks to complete that will help you rank higher on Google and better perform with SEO;
  • You work on a distraction-free interface to help you focus exclusively on your copywriting.

In other words, you could either use Ink For All to write your articles from scratch (getting the much appreciated helping hand of your personal AI writing assistant), or you could optimize existing content for SEO by using the to-do list of tasks provided by the platform. Or both of course!

What’s more, there is also a certain number of extra features that will generate specific content for you: AIDA frameworks, calls-to-action for Facebook or LinkedIn, meta descriptions for better SEO results, etc.

Official Ink For All trailer

How does Ink For All work?

As an AI co-writer, Ink For All uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to generate content with just a little input from you. At the same time, it will check your grammar and spelling while you write and will also give you SEO improvement suggestions.

To use Ink For All, you will have to download the app from the official website. It’s available for Windows, Mac and Linux. There’s also a web browser version available, but you will not have access to all the features available on the platform.

Ink for all interface

Is Ink For All free?

INK is not a free tool per se, but it does provide a forever-free plan. It gives you access to a limited number of AI-generated outputs, articles and SEO scoring per month. On your sign-up, you will get 50 credits equalling to 50 outputs, and you can get 5 more every day.

The free version allows you to use every template and every feature provided by INK, except for the rephrasing tool (rewriting, expanding or shortening content).

Is there any InkForAll alternative?

How much does Ink For All cost?

If you don’t have enough with the forever-free plan, you can get INK Pro for $35/month. This plan will get you access to all the features of the platform (including rephrasing tools), but it will limit your AI content generation to 1000 credits a month.

If you want to go unlimited, you can get the $99/month plan. You’ll also get three seats for 3 different users to work on your writing as a team. Note that there’s a 7-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the software.

Ink for all pricing plan

Ink For All: our test and review

For this INK review, we tried the free version of the software. Even though we won’t be able to see its rephrasing capacities, there are still plenty of tools we can check out for you.

INK content editor

As promised, when entering the interface on Ink For All, you’ll find a beautiful distraction-free editor to work on. Plenty of place to fill in with your amazing content, instinctive options on top of your screen, and subtle features on the left and right of the editor.

The panel on the right is dedicated to work on your existing content by improving both SEO and grammar. The one on the left gives you access to more features, such as outline notes, your change history log, and all the INK templates.

The editor is again very Jarvis-like, with a button at the bottom of your screen that lets you generate content automatically. Each text generation costs you 1 credit (remember the free plan gets you started with 50) and will give you about 30 words.

Ink for all distraction-free interface

INK SEO features

The free plan on Ink For All allows you to check on your “INK SEO score” based on your content. It comes with a list of tasks for you to complete in order to make that score the highest you can.

SEO features on Ink for all
  • Relevant topics is a Pro feature, so you can’t use it on the free plan. It tells you what else your blog post should talk about to rank higher on Google.
  • Word tasks gives you spelling suggestions, the word count you should aim for, content readability, etc.
  • Document tasks allows you to add metadescriptions, check for the number of times your keyphrase appears in your content, alt text for your images, etc.
  • Headline tasks helps you improve your blog post title, checking your word & character count, readability score and keyword presence in your headline.

All those tasks when completed help you get your SEO score on top higher and higher. It’s all displayed in a very intuitive way for you to know your content is getting better chances to rank higher on search engines.

INK grammar & spelling check

A simplistic but again intuitive feature allows you to check your spelling & grammar on Ink For All. It comes with improvement suggestions whenever a mistake gets spotted and you can just click on them to replace your content.

INK grammar & spelling checker

INK tools

As mentioned earlier, Ink For All gives you access to extra features that allow you to generate content automatically. There are 40+ templates you can choose from, such as AIDA or PAS frameworks, listicles, blog intros, product descriptions, and more.

Below you’ll find an example of content generated using the blog intro feature. Each run will cost you 1 credit and give you 3 different outputs.

Blog post intro example on INK

One small thing is that we would have loved to have a history of our content generation; once you leave the template you just used, you can’t find the outputs anymore.

But then again, those templates are very intuitive and easy to use and will produce nice content for you in the bat of an eye.

Ink For All: final thoughts and review

To conclude our review on INK, we can say that this AI content generation and improvement tool is a great choice for SEO experts and marketers looking to keep their content up to date and engaging.

INK is a very intuitive platform with a simple interface that allows you to generate content almost effortlessly, while keeping an eye on your SEO performance and grammar.

The only thing is, the content generation is not always on point. Even though that’s the case with most AI text generating platforms, the free plan is too limited here for you to enjoy all the possibilities that INK has to offer.

You only get about 30 words of content generated at a time, not always relevant, and each run costs you one credit. So you’ll see those 50 free gems run out real fast.

However it’s still a great free tool for SEO improvement, and the nice interface and list of tasks really help you stay focused and keep on working while avoiding writer’s block.

In the end, it really feels like the features that come with the paying plan are definitely worth the money. And 1000 runs a month should be plenty for you to generate the most awesome, SEO-friendly content of all!

Thank you for reading! 🙂 We hope you found this blog post helpful. Want more AI writing software reviews? Check out our in-depth review of Kafkai!

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