In which niches Jasper ( performs best?

Having an AI assistant write up a nonsensical 500-word article in 5 minutes is just a waste of time. That’s why in this article, we’ll see how does when we ask him to write …

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Having an AI assistant write up a nonsensical 500-word article in 5 minutes is just a waste of time. That’s why in this article, we’ll see how does when we ask him to write about popular niche topics such as travel, health, finance, etc.

You’ll see just how well he performs for your niche, and whether or not you should entrust your writing to him!

Technically, Jasper can write about almost anything. The only thing is, he has currently only gathered information from 2019 and before.

We chose the subject and tone of voice, he did the rest. All the text you’ll see in the panels below are Jasper-generated, including titles.

Let’s see how he did!


Average calculated on 10 posts
💬Word count454 words
Writing timemin
Saved writing time33 min
♻️Rewriting percentage1.1 %
🔁Repetition rate2.4%

5 hidden gems to visit while in New York

In many ways, New York is a city of contrasts. You can find new and old at the same time in our dynamic neighborhoods; you can see both the most modern architecture as well as preserved brownstones next door to each other on any given street. And yet, there are also hidden gems that only longtime residents might know about — small corners with pockets of history or natural beauty tucked away amid urban hustle and bustle where even locals will feel like they’re seeing new sights for the first time.

Here are five places you don’t want to miss while visiting this iconic American city:

– The Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Japanese Hill-and-Pond garden was built by John Duncan Forsyth (of Central Park fame) in 1912.

– The new Whitney Museum of American Art in the Meatpacking District is a modern marvel that’s worth exploring if you’re interested in contemporary art and architecture.

– Union Square, with its bustling shopping district, has been a meeting place for New Yorkers since 1847 — when it was called Washington Market — and still serves as an important commercial hub today.

– Take the Staten Island Ferry to get unparalleled views of Lower Manhattan’s many skyscrapers and Statue of Liberty from across the water while catching some fun glimpses into life on one of America’s most intriguing islands.

– Hidden away at the end of Third Avenue sits Five Points Bakery & Restaurant, where pizzas are made fresh right before your eyes and the smell of freshly baked bread wafts out into the street.

We hope you’ll love those hidden places for tourists in New York! If we convinced you to take a day trip or two, be sure to let us know. After all, if it’s not on our blog post list of the best tourist attractions in NYC then there must be something special about these spots that we’re missing out on. Which other destinations do you recommend?

— Written with

Turns out Jasper is pretty good at writing travel & tourism blog posts! The article above is quite short but it only took a few minutes to write, and absolutely no rephrasing on our part.

Even though the article would need some editing and a bit of keyword research before posting, Jasper did produce relevant content that could be published as it is on a blog.

However, the AI assistant did not seem to really grasp how we wanted to talk about hidden places in New York (Union Square, really Jasper?). He would need to be stirred in the right direction here and there, but the time he saved us writing 300+ is still pretty impressive.


Average calculated on 10 posts
💬Word count487 words
Writing timemin
Saved writing time51 min
♻️Rewriting percentage3.3%
🔁Repetition rate5.1%

How Artificial Intelligence Writing Will Never Fully Replace Human Writing

Many content writers are a bit hesitant to adopt ai writing because they feel it will replace their jobs. After all, ai writing is a lot cheaper and faster than human writing, so why not use it?

The reality is that there will always be a need for human writers. There is a certain level of nuance that can’t be captured by an algorithm; this is what makes humans unique and valuable in the eyes of employers who want quality work done.

Let’s see exactly why AI will never be able to replace human writing in this post.

Artificial intelligence is not a new concept

It has been a part of our lives for a long time now. Some people might say that ai writing is a new field, but artificial intelligence has actually existed since the late 1940s when it was first created as a simulation model to describe how humans make decisions and solve problems.

AI writing will never fully replace human writing, and here’s why

Although ai is a fast, efficient way of generating content, it’s not natural enough to be able to understand and replicate human speech. That doesn’t mean a machine can’t create a clear sentence that captures an idea or concept accurately – but as the technology improves, so does our ability to tell if a piece was written by a human or a machine.

In order for this technology to be successful, it needs an editor that can make changes when necessary 

An editor is always needed, ai or not. But a human editor can be more effective in some situations than a machine one because they are able to make changes on the spot and provide feedback – something that ai writers lack at this point!

There are many benefits to using artificial intelligence in writing

AI writing can help a writer immensely, especially if they’re tired or under a tight deadline. It’s a good tool for when you don’t have the time to create something from scratch – it automatically formats a basic article and edits it to perfection in seconds. Plus, ai never gets bored of creating content like humans do!

It’s true that AI writing can be much faster and cheaper than human writers. But they also lack the nuance of a human writer, which is what makes them a valuable asset to any company who wants quality content written for their website or blog. If you are still worried about this trend taking over your job, know that there will always be work available for talented writers like you!

So go ahead and create amazing blog posts without worry–if anything, we should all embrace these new technologies because it may help us get more exposure with less effort on our part. Would YOU want to use an AI-writing software? Let me know in the comments below!

— Written with

Alright, we kind of made Jasper talk about himself here. But still, he’s actually pretty convincing here!

The output is absolutely relevant, and needed close to no editing on our part. We mostly deleted some content in order to keep an approximately 500 words long article.

However since technology is a very fast developing field, we doubt Jasper could perform this well with any given subject in this niche. Anything created or developed after 2019 might still be a mystery for him.

Fitness and wellness

Average calculated on 10 posts
💬Word count444 words
Writing timemin
Saved writing time41 min
♻️Rewriting percentage8.1 %
🔁Repetition rate6.7%

How to Lose Weight Naturally and with No Effort: 5 Easy Steps

We all know weight loss is not easy. It takes a lot of time, and some people have to starve themselves in order to get the weight off. But what if there was an easier way? Well, now there is! In this article you will find five easy ways to lose weight naturally and with almost no effort on your part. Just follow these steps, and you’ll see results in just a few weeks!

1. Drink more water

Drinking lots of water is the easiest and most natural way to lose weight. If you drink enough water, your stomach will feel fuller longer so it’ll tell the brain that it doesn’t need any more food yet. Plus, being thirsty can lead to feeling hungrier. Water helps flush out toxins from our bodies too which makes us look healthier!

2. Eat plenty of protein

Eating protein is another way to naturally and easily lose weight, without doing anything else. Protein is healthy because it’s a low-calorie food that fills you up for less time than other foods like carbohydrates or dairy. Plus, protein helps build muscle which means your weight won’t go back on as quickly when you stop dieting!

3. Cut out sugar from your diet as much as possible

Sugar is the number one enemy of weight loss. Sugar is addictive and will make you overeat, so it’s best to cut all sugar out of your diet as much as possible! In order to lose weight naturally, you should stop eating sugar.

4. Sleep well and get enough rest 

A good night’s sleep is essential for weight loss. If you are struggling to stay asleep at night, try drinking chamomile tea or taking a bath with lavender in it! Sleeping well helps lose weight because you will feel less stressed, and if you are more relaxed then weight is more likely to come off.

5. Practice mindfulness and meditation to reduce stress levels

Feeling more relaxed also helps weight loss! When you are feeling stressed, your body produces more of the hormone cortisol. Too much cortisol can lead to weight gain and weight retention (it makes it harder for weight to come off).

If you’ve been looking for a way to lose weight naturally and without any effort or dieting, we hope these 5 steps have helped. We understand that losing weight is hard, but if you commit yourself to this process it can be done! What other ways do you know of that help people lose weight? Let us know in the comments below so we can add them to our list.

— Written with

When it comes to fitness and wellness, Jasper pretty much knows what he’s talking about. The blog post outline feature produced those 5 very relevant steps to lose weight without effort.

We had to stir him in the right direction once or twice as he was repeating himself (alright Jasper, we WILL stop eating sugar), but the article he produced does make sense.

Pet care

Average calculated on 10 posts
💬Word count411 words
Writing timemin
Saved writing time32 min
♻️Rewriting percentage4.2 %
🔁Repetition rate11%

Feeding a Kitten in Her First Year: What to Feed Baby Cats

Cats are cute, but they can be quite a handful! As a kitten grows up, she will need different types of food as she gets older. In her first year alone, your kitten needs to eat kitten food for newborns and then switch to kitten food for older kittens before moving on to cat food. So what should you feed baby cats? Read this article to find out!

What to feed a kitten in her first year?

Kittens are not born knowing what to eat or how much food they need. You have to teach them that! When you bring your kitten home from the animal shelter, she will be hungry and probably won’t know where to find food herself. Make sure you always keep kitten food on hand in case of emergencies like natural disasters. As your kitten gets older, you will need to start feeding her kitten food for newborns and then switch to kitten food for older kittens before moving on to cat food.

How often should you feed your kitten?

You should feed your kitten kitten food for newborns about every 12 hours. As your kitten grows, the amount of food she needs will increase and you’ll be able to feed her more often. You should also adjust how much kitten milk or formula they get as they grow older because it doesn’t have enough nutrients in it for a growing kitten!

Special considerations for feeding kittens

When feeding your kitten, you should always check the kitten food for newborns to make sure it has a good amount of fat and protein in it. You will also need to give your kitten kitten milk or kitten formula until they are one year old because normal cat food is too high in calories and could cause obesity!

What food types to avoid when feeding kittens?

The food types you should avoid when feeding your kitten are ones that are really high in fat, like “kibble.” If you have to feed kitten food as a special treat for some reason, make sure to limit it.

We hope you enjoyed this article full of helpful kitten feeding tips. If there’s anything else we can do to help, please contact us! What are your thoughts on what was shared? Let us know below in the comments section.

— Written with

We chose a pretty easy subject for Jasper to write about: kittens! And boy did he understand that: the word “kitten” 25 times in a 381-word article? Come on Jasper, use your synonyms.

But although the output as you see it does need some editing (we’re still not sure what the natural emergencies Jasper mentioned have to do with anything), it’s still a pretty good basis to work on, especially the post outline.

Digital marketing

Average calculated on 10 posts
💬Word count422 words
Writing time10 min
Saved writing time45 min
♻️Rewriting percentage9.4%
🔁Repetition rate7.2%

Digital Marketing Strategy: How to Develop an Effective Plan

Digital marketing is a huge part of business, and it’s constantly growing. People are always on their phones or computers looking at things they can buy. With proper digital ads you’re guaranteed to reach your target market – no matter what type! In this article, we’ll look into how to develop the best strategy for success so that future generations will have an even better company than yours in store!

1. Define your target audience

The first step to digital marketing is to define your target audience. Who are you trying to reach? What do they like, dislike, and generally what makes them tick?

2. Gather data about your target audience

Once you’ve defined your target audience, it’s time to get the data. What digital platforms are they on? Where do they hang out and what social media sites do they use? Answer all these questions before anything else. There are digital marketing tools and analytics that will help you gather data about your target audience.

3. Research the competition and find out what they are doing well and not so well

Knowing your competitors and their digital marketing strategy is key to success, as it will help you develop a digital marketing strategy that surpasses theirs. What channels are they on? Where do their ads appear or where do they spend the most?

4. Develop a marketing plan with goals, strategies, objectives, tactics, resources, timeline – make it SMART!

Your marketing plan should be well thought out. Include goals, strategies, objectives and tactics for the digital marketing strategy that meets your company’s needs. You should also spend some time considering resources and timelines.

Don’t forget digital ads – they are a great way to reach your target market, as well! Digital ads can include digital video ads, digital display ads and digital search engine marketing. Research the different types of digital ads to find one that best suits your goals and company!

5. Execute on the plan! 

Now is time for action! Implement your digital marketing strategy and start to see the results of all that hard work. Your strategy is an ongoing process and should be evaluated accordingly. You can always make adjustments as needed to maximize your digital marketing efforts!

6. Measure success of the marketing campaign by tracking conversion rates and ROI (return on investment)

Last but not least, measure your digital marketing success! Keep track of how many people are converting to customers and calculate the return on investment.

We hope this article has given you some ideas on how to implement a new digital strategy. Remember that there is so much more out there for you and your company to explore! So, tell us what resonated with you most in the post or if we missed something important. What do YOU want to know? Let’s chat about it below!

— Written with

When we asked Jasper to talk about digital marketing strategies, we knew it was a rather large subject to cover. We did have to edit out some parts of the article, as Jasper tended to go too far in his explanations.

In the end, he did manage to summarize the main points that should be covered in a blog post about digital marketing strategy, although he needed a little help to produce nice content.


Average calculated on 10 posts
💬Word count454 words
Writing time13 min
Saved writing time44 min
♻️Rewriting percentage12,1%
🔁Repetition rate3.7%

5 Ways to Spend the Least Money Possible and Meet your Financial Goals

When it comes to finance, there are few things that people want more than to have a sense of security. The problem is that many people don’t know how to get this security without spending money. If you’re looking for tips on how to spend the least money possible and still meet your financial goals, we’ve got some great advice for you! In this article, we will cover 5 steps to use finance hacks in order to spend less and save more.

1. Build a budget

Building a budget is the best way to watch your money flow and achieve all of the financial goals you have. Start by making sure you have all your finances in order. Achieving success requires planning and understanding where the money is going; this begins with being able to see what’s happening financially without pulling out receipts from every purchase over the past year like it was 1995.

2. Know where you are spending your money

Where is your money going? Determine what expenses you can cut out of the equation and make a plan for spending less. Keeping track of where every dollar is spent will help you figure out how to be more mindful with your purchases, so that before it’s gone, you know what happened to it.

3. Use your money wisely

Smart shopping is all about finding the best deal and making sure you’re spending your money in a way that will yield results. If buying one thing at full price means saving on another, then go for it. Avoid impulse purchases by making a list for every shopping trip and sticking to it.

4. Save for your future

Saving money is one thing. Saving for your future? Even better! Start putting a little bit of each paycheck into an account that you won’t touch until its retirement time — or earlier, to meet your financial goals. Saving for your future will help you stay on track with your money goals, whether it’s buying a house or taking that trip of a lifetime.

5. Choose A Bank That Caters To Your Lifestyle

At the end of the day, choosing a bank is vital in achieving your financial goals. Your bank should understand you and what makes you tick so they can be there to support and guide you throughout life’s journey. With banks not only offering competitive rates on loans but also budgeting tools that will help get finances under control as well as savings accounts for an emergency fund or even retirement planning; it’s important to take time researching all options before making a decision about which one suits you best!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our 5 tips to help you save money and meet your financial goals. Let us know what else we should include in future blog posts by leaving a comment below!

— Written with

Finance is a rather large niche topic, which is why we decided to give Jasper a rather easy subject to work on. However, surprisingly enough, he did struggle a little bit with this one.

The AI writing assistant kept repeating itself and we needed to ask it to rephrase multiple sentences. Most of the advice Jasper provided seem quite vague and do not exactly feel like actual tips.

So, apart from the post outline which is a nice start to work from, the rest would need quite a lot of rewriting before posting in our opinion.


Average calculated on 10 posts
💬Word count524 words
Writing time9 min
Saved writing time41 min
♻️Rewriting percentage7.7%
🔁Repetition rate4.7%

How to Develop New Healthy Habits: 6 Tips for Healthier Living

Good health is so important! Unfortunately, many people struggle to maintain a good health. They don’t know where to start or how to continue. This article will give you some tips on how to develop healthy habits and stay healthy for life!

1. Take a walk outside for 10-15 minutes every day

Taking a walk every day his will help you get some fresh air, reduce stress levels and make sure your heart is in good health. You don’t need to walk for more than 10 or 15 minutes a day, but it is important to get outside and move.

2. Drink 8 glasses of water per day

Drinking plenty of water is so important for health, especially if you’re trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. It will make sure that your digestive system is working properly and help keep you hydrated enough without feeling bloated.

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals

Eating 5 fruits or vegetables per day is a good way to start. Try adding one fruit or vegetable each week and see how it makes you feel then that would be the healthiest choice for your body. You can also juice fruits and vegetables so they’re easier on your digestive system!

4. Add in some exercise into your routine, like walking or biking instead of driving short distances

Exercising is definitely one of the healthiest things to do for your body. It’s just as important that you’re getting enough exercise as it is that you are taking care of yourself inside with proper diet and hydration. One tip for making this easier on yourself, would be to start small by simply walking or biking short distances instead of driving when possible!

5. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep – it’s important for mental health as well as physical health  

A good night’s sleep is one of the healthiest things you can do for your physical health. Not only does sleep help your health in the long run, it also helps you feel energized and refreshed for other parts of your day. It’s also important to be getting enough sleep for mental health purposes as well; it helps regulate moods and emotions, so if you’re not sleeping well at night time then it might affect how happy or upset you are throughout the day!

6. Start practicing mindfulness by taking deep breaths throughout the day or meditating before bedtime

Mindfulness is about being aware of what’s happening in the moment. It can be easy to get distracted by your thoughts and worries, but if you are mindful then those thoughts may not affect you as much! Mindful breathing before bedtime can also help with sleep quality.

You’ve read all the tips and tricks, so now it’s time to put them into practice. But how? The best way is by making some small changes in your life. Start off with one thing you can do today that will make a difference tomorrow like eating breakfast or drinking more water. Just remember, if you want to stay healthy for life then change needs to come from within!

What are some of your favorite habits that help keep you healthy? Share our article on Facebook and let us know what we missed out on!

— Written with

Last but not least: we asked Jasper to talk about health. You probably know that’s not the easiest niche topic to tackle, as health matters can be touchy.

We still wanted to see how an AI assistant would do with a broad and generic subject. He did give us pretty useful and relevant tips but there were a lot of repetitions we had to edit out.

Besides, Jasper tended to focus on the tips themselves rather than how to put them in practice. We had to remind him to talk about the “how to develop new habits” part of the title lest it be misleading for readers.

Bonus : get the full study (10 more niches)

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What are the niche topics that Jasper is best at?

As you know, learning about a niche topic is incredibly time consuming and often tedious work.

And if you’re not an expert on every single one of them (which no human should be), it can also get very confusing to keep up with all the new information coming your way from different perspectives as you research more deeply into each subject area.

Which is why an AI assistant does come in handy!

So to summarize this article, here are the subjects we covered here, from the niche topic Jasper is best at to the one he dislikes the most:

  1. Travel & tourism
  2. Fitness & wellness
  3. Pet care
  4. Technology
  5. Digital marketing
  6. Health
  7. Finance

We also tested ten more niches in our full study like : cryptocurrency, fashion, music, seo, parenting, beauty, food and cooking…you can download the report here.

We’d like to remind you though that the output you will get from Jasper depends a lot on the input you’ll give him to work with (as well as the particular article topic you’ll chose to write about).

Still, Jasper can help you save up LOTS of time and can write about a variety of niche subjects.

Thank you for reading! Let’s end this article the Jasper way, with a nice call-to-action: what niche topics would you want to write about? Ever tried How well did Jasper do? Let us know in the comments section!

if you want try, here a link where you can get 10,000 generated words for here : test Jarvis for free.

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