AI Writing Software In-Depth Review:

In the past few years, AI writing software has made a lot of progress. From busy marketers to uninspired writers, artificial intelligence writing is helping more and more copywriters defeat writer’s block. Among those, one …

In the past few years, AI writing software has made a lot of progress. From busy marketers to uninspired writers, artificial intelligence writing is helping more and more copywriters defeat writer’s block.

Among those, one of the stars of our Ultimate AI Writing Softwares List:!

Specialized in niche content writing, Kafkai was initially created to produce content optimized for search engines. It can write up entire articles for you in no time.

We decided to do an in-depth review on Kafkai so that you can see whether it’s worth your time or not!

How does Kafkai work?

First of all, let’s see what Kafkai has to offer.

Kafkai is a text generator and an artificial intelligence writing assistant. It can generate content for 35+ niches and write specific articles that generally are about 800 words long.

Kafkai niches
Niches that supports.

There are 3 AI writing modes on Kafkai from which you can chose.

  • Mode 1: Niche article writer

This mode is meant for writers who want to produce article on a specific niche topic but don’t have any subject in mind. You simply chose your niche and Kafkai will generate an entire article for you, on a random subject that the AI chose.

Pros: quick, relevant articles. Ideal mode for when you have no inspiration.

Cons: you cannot chose the subject of the articles produced.

  • Mode 2: Niche article writer with seedling

With this mode, you can chose the subject for the article generated by Kafkai. After selecting your niche, you enter an input (100 characters max for optimal results) to let the AI assistant know what you want your article to talk about.

Pros: you have control over the subject and can stir the AI to go in a certain direction.

Cons: it can take up to an hour for an article to be generated.

  • Mode 3: General writing with seedling

This mode allows you to generate an article on any given topic, even if it’s not supported by Kafkai yet. You give the AI an input and it will produce an article about the topic you chose.

Pros: you can write on whatever subject you want as long as it’s not too specific. Rather good quality for broad topics.

Cons: the article generation is slow and their quality varies quite a lot. Not meant for specific niche topics that Kafkai wasn’t trained for.

How much does Kafkai cost?

The price for Kafkai’s services ranges between 29$ and 199$ a month. You can also try it for free for 3 days and generate 25 articles.

Ai writing software Kafkai: pricing
Print screen from

Note that there’s 30-Day Money-Back guarantee: as long as don’t save more than 25 articles, Kafkai will give you your money back if you’re not satisfied with the service.

Kafkai: our test and review

To give an in-depth review of Kafkai, we tried the 3 modes that the platform provides and generated several articles for each of those.

Kafkai Mode 1: Niche Article Writer

For the first mode, we decided to test Kafkai by having it generate 5 articles on the SEO niche. Since Kafkai is meant for SEO specialists and marketers, we figured that was a perfect easy niche to begin with.

Here are the results, unaltered.

SEO – How to Optimize a Web Site for Search Engines

The following is an explanation concerning eleven of the most important tasks you need to know in order to raise a finished web site to the top of the search engine results. All facts and figures are based on Powershell version 4.0.

1. Before you start to promoting your site you need to know if the search engines are able to scan it. accomplishment of this is your key to guarantee top search engine rankings. Make sure you have done the necessary enhancement for the web site to make it “search engine friendly”.

2. To raise the search engine result you need to know if you are able to create link popularity. Link popularity is basically exchanging links with other sites. The more participated in that process the better result you can get. An Important element of link popularity is through the process of link exchange. When you feel that a group of related sites are essential to your web presence, then you propose to exchange links with them. The best way to achieve this action is to make a group report to discuss about their mutual goals and activities.

3. Another important factor which can help you to obtain highest search engine rankings is to make the site well- visible. If the site appears to be low in quality, then doing some improvement will be much adequate to raise the search engine result.

4. The fourth tip is to have a good set of keywords handy to work with. This will result in most of your key words being typed in the search engines. The targeted keyword should be in the URL address and should also be in the title tag. Try to incorporate the keywords in the file names as well.

5. In optimizing your web site try to assure that the text on the home page contains at least three of the keywords. You should have the whole description including the keywords. The home page should contain at least two text links and each link should have at least two text phrases. Do not stuff the home page with excessive links.

6. Office workers understand that partners are good for company growth. So, you should understand that SEO is a team effort and it is very significant to work with others. The link building is very meaningful and movement of the ranker is achieved with the sole support of the SEO work. progresses, so the visibility and so on. apply your maximum effort so that you get the rank.

7. Create a company blog. It is muchplementation effective and readily available. fill it up with interesting and significant material. After the blog is done, off-page optimization begins. You should try hard to make it a good platform for discussing the campaign and issuing timely information.

8. Submit articles on your website to specialized sites. During the evaluation period, these sites are also checked by the search engine. So, massive back links from these websites will be counted for the listing of your web site.

9. attach social networks to your website. If you have some free time, you can really spend it on these social networks. Some of the best are Squidoo, Hubpages, and LinkedIn.

10. Focus on the quality of the content of your website. If you have impressive content with lots of keywords and phrases, then the ranking will improve. However, it is better to focus on the quality of the content. That will definitely build links from authority websites.

11. Submit your website to some free directories. Although it is not a difficult task, it takes time and energy. Inability to commit to it can ruin your efforts.

12. Create a press release for your website. Once you have new product or service offerings, then you should think about a press release. Just include the details of your company in the press release and then submit it to the paid and free press release companies.

13. Create single web page for your website. Instead of building a whole new website, you can create a single web page and make Content management System or CMS more user friendly. Then you can make website more informative and easy to manage.

14. Make use of Web Analytics. This will help you to know the effectiveness of your optimization.

15. Be a part of Web Usergroups or Webcoz Forum. Rank there and provide the latest technology or techniques. You can also include your website URL in your signature which will provide you great exposure.

16. Use News periodically. Keep the website updated with RSS.

17. Account creation. Create a user account, make a great account or just create one. Better if you make genuine account.

18. Search engine optimization technique has been defined and it is considered to be the real SEO. Also it is the single most important technique to get your website indexed by search engines.

19. It is one of the easiest and cheaper ways of advertising.

— Written using Kafkai

Dominate the Rankings on the Search Engines

Today’s topic is going to cover a favorite subject of mine, search engines. I am naming this one Dominate the Rankings on the Search Engines. I have been writing about SEO for quite some time. If you have a website and plan to earn income or just want people to see it one of the marketing techniques you will need to learn is how to dominate the search engines. It’s one of the greatest FREE strategies. In some cases it can be better than PAID. The reason it wouldn’t be the BEST of PAID is that you do not control it. However if you can dominate the rankings, you have a funnel of targeted visitors to your website for FREE. This traffic would most likely convert to customers if your website is setup to sell some type of product or service.

OK Ok, enough already.

What would you like to know to dominate the search engines?

a. How to find out what your competitors are ranking for(to see their backlinks and keyword density)b. How to optimize your website code to put your keywords in the right placesc. How to get content from other websites to your website with the proper anchor textd. How to do proper keyword research to find the best keywords for your website

These are only a few pieces of the puzzle. I could go on and on. I often answer people’s questions about their websites “placement on Google” in many instances they don’t even know where to start “how to place on Google” is a whole another article.

There is no right or wrong way to optimize your website. There is however a certain process that works for me. Carefully research keywords for your website. It is often very difficult to pinpoint exactly what your website is about and therefore you need to take a slightly different approach that other websitemasters are likely to implement.

I often find that just adding my website to the search engines does not get the number of visits I want. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. Search engine optimization is about increasing visibility and therefore being found when potential customers use search engines to find your product or service.

Adding your website to the few free directories that I have suggested can help greatly. However there are also website owners who do their own search engine optimization and therefore need someone to guide them. This is where I come in. If you are attempting to optimize your own website, or trying to get search engine rankings yourself, I would like to say that you are probably in the same boat I was 8 months ago. You are in the same boat that needed me to seek professional advice and get it done for you. What you really need to do is find a professional search engine optimization consultant.

Happily, I can say to you that you can be successful in doing this and be found in the search engines. Just a few things you should do. One, be realistic. If you are trying to get top rankings in a very competitive niche, it will take you probably 6-12 months before you start showing up in the search engines with a properly optimized website.

I recently did a video on a tutorial on how to do keyword research by focusing through the Google Keyword Tool. Actually, I was doing research using the tool when I discovered it also provided data through another source. I discovered that the data came from a site called When I checked the keyword tool data on that site I found that there were over 24 million searches for the keywords related to my niche on one day. I got very excited when I noticed that the number of Google searches for my keywords on one day was over 24 million. I went ahead and implemented a plan to get 24 million Google searches for my keywords. I implemented it the next day and the result was that my site got ranking in the top 10 results in Google. Not only did I get 24 million searches but I got the #1 result for each of the keywords. Amazing isn’t it? This is exactly what happened to me when I checked the search engine rankings on Google for the keywords that I chose on When you check the search engine rankings for those keywords on Google you will find that my sites happened to be in the top 10 listings.

You can do the same thing. Find a keyword research tool that works for you. If you are using the free keyword tool you are using either Google or Yahoo. If you are using Google Yahoo will be a better bet. It should be faster and easier to find good keywords when doing your research.

Here are two websites that you can use to help you find keyword phrases. One of them I found is very reliable and also free.

— Written using Kafkai

Exploring the Basics of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of influencing the position of a website in the rankings produced by a search engine, in response to a search for the keywords it contains. The aim of this is to get your website higher up the rankings so that when someone does a search containing your keywords, you will have a higher position on the results page.

isation involves a variety of different things. The main thing is to think about the keywords themselves, what are they really searching for, are they looking for information or are they looking to buy something? You can make these changes to your keywords if you have the Overture Keyword selector tool which is used by Yahoo! Market Research. This tool can be found if you on a search engine. The code you need to insert into your website is on the monitoring page and is included in the meta tag. This lets the search engines to find your site by name. The search engines follow these names back to your site when they visit you and the monitoring page tells them what pages you are having visitors from. The visitor counter is a good bet to keep an eye on your traffic.

The search engines detect that you have certain inbound links and divide your site into sections, so that the remaining pages get higher traffic counts. Having your keywords in the title of the link is another factor that the search engines take into consideration. On that basis, you can insure that those keywords are picked up by the search engines.

Some of the factors the search engines take into account are listed below:

Wordtracker keyword SEO : Most people tend to use the Overture Search term suggestion tool and type in their desired keywords. This will connect you to the best related searches that happen upon that phrase. This involves keyword selection and analysis.

: Most people tend to use the Overture Search term suggestion tool and type in their desired keywords. This will connect you to the best related searches that happen upon that phrase. This involves keyword selection and analysis.

Step 1 – Make a list of prospective keywords

Step 2 – tinkered with those keywords

Step 3 – Evaluate your keywords and select the best ones

Step 4 – Register with a host of directories

Step 5 – marked your presence on the web

There are scores of sites that will tell you the amount of traffic and which keywords turn more visitors in.Wordtracker is a keyword SEO and analysis program that provides the number of searches and other useful data about the keyword you are looking for. This allows you to drill down to the smallest possible keyword that will afford you the most visitors. They have a free trial so you can get a feel for the product.

The top Ten or so top traffic keywords on the Overture Search term Suggestion Tool as of today are as follows, and will continue to be as the ranking algorithm changes:

1 ) sausageate

2 ) healthcare

3 ) prom

4 ) mortgages

5 ) finance

6 ) insurance

7 ) marketing

8 ) law

9 ) finance

10 ) insurance

Don’t use Overture; they pull together the search engine traffic statistics in one spot and the traffic sites are mixed together.

A problem that many Internet entrepreneurs have is that they generate traffic to their sites but have no idea how to convert the visitors into potential clients.

The most successful Internet gurus and SEO experts use keyword optimization to determine the traffic a keyword will bring. If you are new to Internet Entrepreneur or Internet Marketing then it’s possibly necessary to think about keyword selection with SEO in mind.

You are well aware that as well as having the proper coding on your site it is also important to have popular content. When it comes to keyword population, it contains how many times the keyword is asked for in, True Search and Wazes. This also contains the number of times those searches came in. Keywords are important to any Internet entrepreneur, they are one of the most important things to consider in attracting visitors to you site.

Another factor that needs to be considered is the fact that Keywords are used by the search engines in order to categorize your site, so that they can be easily located. You need to have LOTS of keywords in order to rank with the search engines.

Try to have 2 or 3 keywords per page. Remember that it’s important to have an easy to navigate site, so visitors to your site won’t want to leave.

If it is possible, try to have articles that have a carries title with your keywords in it. Also, use your keywords inside of your article title.

Do not forget to have your keywords in your H1 title, as well as in your H2, H3 title and sprinkled throughout the text.

If possible, have other related keywords on your page so that it will be easier for the search engines to spider your site.

Bold your keywords.

— Written using Kafkai

SEO Web Hosting – The Future of Your Business

SEO web hosting is a service that was created to give webmasters the ability to get the best of ways to make sure that their sites are SEO friendly and can rank very well in all the search engines. For a webmaster to be able to get backlinks and such types of links, they need to be able to ensure that they are able to get the best of services around. Such types of services are very important in the present day as compare to what the world was once in the past. When the internet was very young, one only needed to have a website built and that was it.

Today, however, almost every company in the world, whether it is a big corporation or a small private business, have their own website to advertise and sell their products and services. It is important to know that the internet is very much in use and people have become to be very dependent on it. The point is that if you have a website, you will definitely need to take advantage of the best SEO hosting service available in the market.

For those who still do not understand exactly what SEO web hosting is, it is simply a way in which you can get a web hosting service that will allow you to host multiple domains at the same time. Since the internet has become to be used by millions of people world wide, it is very important to be able to get indexed by all the search engines. This is where SEO web hosting comes in. You will be able to get the best of services that will allow you to get your websites indexed by Google and other major search engines.

The first thing that you will be able to experience when you decide on opting for SEO web hosting service is the fact that it will allow you to be able to drive more traffic to your websites. In most cases, when you are able to get more traffic to your site, you will be able to get more sales from your business. That is why SEO web hosting is so important when it comes to building your business. It will allow you to be able to get not only your main website indexed by search engines, but also the other websites that you have.

When you are able to get your multiple websites indexed in Google, you will be able to get sales from all of the domains that you have. Actually, it is very important that you are able to get sales from all of the domains that you have because this will mean that you have a lot of traffic in your website. Once you are able to get sales from all of the domains that you have, it will mean that you have a lot of traffics in your website and this is actually the key to getting massive amounts of traffics.

SEO web hosting is a type of hosting that is specially designed to help you achieve the results that you desire from your search engine optimization efforts. The best thing about this type of hosting is that you can be able to get different C Class IPs and when you get these IPs, you will be able to get your domains to rank higher in the search engines. When you get this SEO hosting, you will be able to get a lot of the best SEO packages that are around the market and you will be able to get the type of care for your website that you want. When you are able to get this type of care for your website, you will be able to get the type of links that you want and you will be able to beat the competition that other people can get from their SEO strategies.

actually, the most famous SEO hosting company is that which chooses to go with a C Class IP. It is a well known fact that some of the best search engine optimization companies can get you a link from each and every one of the domains that you want. When you get a link from each of the different sites that you want, it will help you achieve a lot. It will also help you to get results a lot faster compare to other search engine optimization companies that only ask for links from a limited group of sites. However, if you are asking for a lot of links from a limited group of sites, it will still mean that you will be able to get results a lot faster compare to other companies that ask for a lot of links from a much smaller group of sites.

If you are going to choose a package that is meant to maximize your search engine optimization results, you should make sure that you get all the necessary C Class IP addresses that can help you to rank your websites higher in the search results. It is a well known fact that those that have a lot of the best SEO techniques will be able to get them done faster and easier, but it will definitely not mean that you will be able to get the same results as they can.

So, now you have to make your decision.

— Written using Kafkai

Social Bookmarking for SEO Today!

Social bookmarking has become a very popular method for sharing and dispersing information on the web. When it comes to earning income online, social bookmarking can be a fickle beast. It can be a great way to get lots of traffic to your website if you manage to write something that is attractive enough to a broad enough range of people. But in order to get the most from Social bookmarking it takes a bit of a strategy to organize things.

One thing that is certain is that it is a very low cost effective way to get traffic. There are many ways to get the most out of social bookmarking sites. The trick is to be found in knowing which sites are the best to use.

The following are the top social bookmarking sites that you should get some knowledge about.

• DiggThere is an American based directory that is somewhat similar to the yellow pages in that it is an actual directory. It is possible to submit your website in this directory for free as well as pay for some link packets. The advantage of submission is that you get fast results as well as an enormous amount of traffic.

• StumbleUpon cord cutters are websites that let you share links that you find on other websites in the form of tags. You can Humor each other by finding tags that are exact or even semi specific to what your website contains.

• RedditThere is another very popular social bookmarking site where you can come up with crazy ideas and then Reddit, which is more of a news and advertising website, will vote on them. The key to getting effective votes here is to provide interesting and compelling information as well as being a relevant site with similar content as your website.

• SquidooThere is an even more popular social bookmarking site where you can easily share anything from links to your site to pictures of your house. This site is so easy that it is considered to be light reading material.

• TwitterUnique content or even news can be posted to Twitter and a link placed in the content will promote your website as well as your blog. The link is often placed in the tweet as an anchor text link and is the most powerful of all traffic links.

If you have not been introduced to some of the above sites and methods of bookmarking then you need to. This will make it easier for you to generate traffic to your site.

There are still other social bookmarking sites that can be used such as Facebook however the amount of traffic you receive from this site is only fraction of the traffic you can receive from the sites listed above.

As you can see, social bookmarking is in no way an overnight success. In fact it takes time even with well-planned work postings to gain results. These results take time and you need to be patient while the links are indexed, crawled and indexed.

It is also important to create a sense of competition in your own niche. There are a lot of people entering the same market and competing for the same buyers. This makes it easier for you to understand what you have to do to take your position back to what it should be.

Having a good understanding of all of the available social bookmarking sites and submitting to them is only half of the work you have to do. The other part is receiving traffic from these sites.

You have to get traffic from all of the sites, not just the ones you have submitted to. Most people will be submitting to the top bookmarking sites and this will make it look like your views have come from a variety of sites and not just the ones you submitted to.

Google looks at the total amount of traffic and types of sites that have links to your submission. This is the number of external links that these sites have and the link text that is being used to propel them to the top of the search engine results.

Various online tools that help you determine the most Popular and Unique content. These are based on the words used by the search engine customers and can be considered as an indicator of quality and relevance.

The content should have a link that takes readers back to the original article for more information on the subject. You should rewrite the article many times and use variations on the topic.

Use primary keywords as well as secondary ones synonyms and some long-tailed keyword phrases. Build in a link between the articles.

You should build up your links gradually and work on the quality of the links.

The popularity of the article will determine the Page Rank of your homepage. The homepage is the page that most people will access first and so the homepage will rank higher than the others.

You can use social bookmarking to maximise you visibility. The more people who bookmark your page the better it is for you.

You need to figure out all the pitfalls including dealing with all the search engines.

— Written using Kafkai

As you can see, these articles are definitely not ready to publish. Most of them contain spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes and need quite a lot of editing before posting.

Some articles even contain half words or half sentences and it can be hard to make sense of what Kafkai meant when writing them.

But getting fresh articles out of the oven and ready to post is not really the point of this mode.

The idea here is to have Kafkai generate content for you on a large scale, easily and fast. This mode is rather meant to help you defeat writer’s block and can give you lots of subject ideas on a given topic.

Those articles can give you a pretty good basis to work with, as well as a quite relevant outline for your blog post.

Some will be completely unusable and you will have to sort out the ones you want to keep –which is why producing many of them at once is probably the most effective way to use this mode 1.

Kafkai Mode 2: Advanced Niche Article Writer

Alright, so the articles produced in mode 1 are quick and plentiful, and some need quite a bit of editing. Let’s see what mode 2 has to offer.

We selected 3 niches to work with and gave Kafkai a seedling to work with (the first paragraph in the articles below).

As a copywriter, marketer or a writer, you know that producing quality content is a time-consuming task. Writing a single article can take hours and it's not an easy job. But what if there was a way to produce high-quality articles in less than 5 minutes? Artificial intelligence writing software does exactly this! With artificial intelligence writing software, you no longer need to spend hours on end typing words - the AI takes care of that for you. Let's find out how artificial lightening fast AI produces great content using just one click!

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is nothing but computers that can learn and understand written and spoken information and transform it into digital information. Nowadays, most of the content is provided by Web sites and as Web site content is increasing, so is the need for high-quality content developers to create quality content.

Instead of spending hours typing, the new version of AI writing software provides templates which are already ready-made. You can now write a piece on cancer research or anything else that you want and the computer will convert it into a format that the AI can understand. Like with the help of Siri, you just ask a question and the AI will answer you. With the help of this software, you can write a business report about anything you want.

Besides just one click, the new AI technology has many other amazing features. For example, it can understand context: something you said just now is not the same as what you said 20 years ago, or even 20 minutes ago. It can detect timing differences to synchronize sounds and events together: for example, if you mention something and watch the sound change in the background, it can infer that what you said has changed in the background. And the computer can detect how to modify words according to context.

Artificial intelligence is basically the intelligence of computers which are capable of performing operations that a human being is unable to. The significance of this is world has been oriented. With AI, computers are able to understand things that humans are not able to, no matter how advanced the technology is. The computers are also capable of working in relationships and of teaching humans; for example, if a computer can understand that a human is learning about bread, it can teach a human how to serve a breakfast to a hungry student.

toast visionary

The term AI was first introduced inadesentwo years ago, and now it is very popular because it can do almost anything and save the most precious for humans – their intuition. The use of this term is a big mystery to the average person because it does not refer to some concrete field or discipline. Rather, it has been coined as therobot of the future whose chemical reflexology and learnt behaviour are starting to reflect the humans that work behind it.

WHERE does AI come from?

Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence of machines including humans that are capable of learning and developing their own intelligence, the conventional way of doing this is through a process of what is called Mindmaps and is also known as Computer Visual Communication. We can understand the system of AI with the help of Mindmapping. At least with the help of this system, digital information can be artificially converted into symbolic meaning also known as Logic.

Mindmapping defines AI as “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, ” with the A.I being computer-humanlike. One can say that Mindmapping is AI combined with robotics.

Data Feed

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To sum up, we can define AI as:

– An efficient representation of knowledge in terms of it behaviour and data gathered from experiments and analysis.- Significance of the data greeting.

— Written using Kafkai

Having fruits and vegetables as a part of your diet is important for your health. However, if you live in the city, it can be hard to grow fruits and vegetables because you don't have much space or access to land. Luckily, there are ways to grow fruits and veggies without having a lot of space! In this article we will go over how to do just that!

Gardening Gardening

Gardening is a great hobby that people will really benefit out of. It will give them something to look forward to and will be productive while they are waiting for the next crops to grow. Additionally, vegetables can be grown hydroponically, which will save you space and keep your crops at bay.

For those who don’t know what hydroponics is, it is an alternative gardening. It does not need to have soil and instead can use alternate medium to grow plants. The nutrients are mixed with water and the roots of the plant are suspended in the water solution.

Advantages of Hydroponics Gardening

The biggest advantage of hydroponics is that since the growing environment is completely controlled artificially, the plants receive more nutrients and there is less risk of plant diseases. In hydroponics, plants are able to absorb plant nutrients much faster than soil-based plants. They also limit the risk of pest infestation since the environment is not a mess. Hydroponics gardening also produces a high yield if used properly.

Many people are not sure about the quality of hydroponic vegetables. Since greenhouse growing is prohibited in most houses, the vegetables seen in grocery stores may not be the best. Supermarket vegetables come from large farms that can supply growers with a steady supply. This is not true with hydroponics gardening since there are no farms. The abundance of supply can lead to artificially high prices, however, as growers will always seek the cheapest means to supply the market.

Homemade Hydroponics Gardening

The popularity of hydroponics has grown in recent years, as more and more people have realized that gardening can be a rewarding and fun pastime. As the popularity of hydroponics gardening has grown, so has the availability of resources and better information. Finding out how to make hydroponics gardening at home is not as hard as it once was. All you need are some basic resources, a good foundation of knowledge on the subject, and a good plastic container that you can use as a reservoir.

You will want to start by choosing the right sort of hydroponics medium. You will never want to use soil in a hydroponics system, as it will retain too much moisture for the roots of the plant to survive. You will also need the right reservoir to hold the mix. PVC milk jugs work well for this. Make sure your reservoir has plenty of holes to allow the water to drain easily.

The number of plants you will be able to grow will depend on the method you choose. You can get a simple aquaponics system that will only need five or so plants. Another system, called a SuperSounds system, even has up to 60 plants in it! You can also get an ” aeroponic ” system, which allows the roots to gradually absorb the nutrients in the water. The beauty of these systems is that they tend to use much less water than other methods.

Make sure you use the right nutrients for your system. Most nutrients found in hydroponics are concentrated, so it’s important to research your nutrients carefully to ensure you are using the right dosage. There are guides available online if you’re unsure.

Planthempaws, a banana-like vegetable, and tomatoes, a tomato-like fruit, as well as herbs, can be grown hydroponically.

We grow many different types of plants in our home, and some of them are set out in their own pots. When growing plants with their roots in soil, the pots can get too heavy and crack, so we try to keep them in some kind of temporary housing. wiserMan has seen better than others the nutritional benefits from leafy plants grown in a hydroponic system. Some of his greenhouses have seen better than 50 percent crop improvement in some their hydroponic plants.

As long as the system is designed so that each plant has its own space and the lights are guaranteed to be overhead, you should wind up with a fairly good crop increase.

Some products can be found online, such as the Botanicare line of trees and shrubs.

Wooden pencil boxes can be used for the same purpose. They are clipped together and water proof. They can be filled with soil and plants, and water and nutrients can be added in the pencil box just like with a traditional garden.

It is very easy to build a hydroponic system, so learn how to build it the right way and benefits can be gained quickly. These are the right tools any gardener needs.

— Written using Kafkai

If you are self-conscious or self-critical, it can be hard to feel confident in any situation. But self confidence does not come from having a better body, more money, or even social approval. Self confidence comes from being the best version of yourself possible. This article will show you how to improve your self-confidence by taking steps towards becoming the best version of yourself!

The Power of Your Personal Power

Don’t Settle for Less

Today’s society takes body image very seriously and often models are not only big but they are beautiful as well. So this means you are automatically expected to conform to an unrealistic standard of beauty and you are not even allowed to show yourself some of your personality characteristics. There are so many people that say “I’m an average person so I don’t want to model”. They feel they are ugly and they don’t want to try to be someone else. They don’t even want to try to be happy! And sometimes they are right! But life is too short to settle for less, to set such artificial standards upon yourself, and to deny yourself unique personality traits that are what make you special.

Learn to be Unique

A traditional method of self-improvement is often encompassed by the terms “fake it ’till you make it”! In this method you are encouraged to act or look or be something that you are not. That is false. In order to become truly confident you need to first get out of your comfort zone and learn to be someone or something different. And often the first step towards self improvement is being willing to accept yourself as you are. So many people hold themselves back because they are afraid of being uncomfortable, weak, and having an impostor behind them. So many feel they are part of a grand scheme and don’t truly believe themselves to be anything more than a mere human that happens to be in a very complicated world.

shuts down the authentic power within; we train ourselves to surrender our personal power as soon as we figure out that someone else knows more about us than we do about ourselves. How is your personal power? It is time to let go of this grand illusion of being someone you are not. How? Step #1 is getting comfortable with expressing your true self. It doesn’t even matter if you feel like you have nothing to say! To live truly as the person you are while also being an individual living in a big world, allow your personality to shine through your art. On the other hand, you can be glowy and bright and twinkly if that is how you work with the world, but don’t furbiff the REAL you unless it is appropriate to do so. When you remove your thinking of it as being “something you do”, and start seeing it as living as who you are, (or are in the moment) then you can offer this open expression of your authentic self on the world’s canvas and you have a free hand to express your personality. You can teach the world about the beauty that comes from the power of a strong and unique personality. If you are willing to take this responsibility, you’ll begin to notice that you will begin to enjoyyourself more!

Celebrate Yourself

Celebrate self-expression whether in the simple things that you do, the things that you say, or the way you live in the world. This celebration is all about opening up and becoming more and allowing your true self in. I said that you start becoming more of yourself through the power of your personal power and that means at times you will be Byron Katie, at other times you will be who you are, or behind the scenes you might go somewhere else and create something else and you can use it to create a new life. Anything that you create as an expression of your unique life can become a microcosm in teaching you about allowing your personal power, your true self, to manifest itself in it’s own life. And as a teacher, you will know how valuable this is and you will be a great student of what may come next in your life. When you are open to what is to become, you stand on the path of life itself, and it’s path will take you as far as you can imagine. This journey is about becoming what is possible. To be honest, you can go as far as you want. If you want an infinite connection with the source, you can have one. If you want your children to be better, you can do this. If you want better relationships, you can do this. It’s not a case of what you can manifest, it’s buthowyou manifest it. It’s from Divine Realm Source, that limitless energy orthatwhich manifests Infinite Consciousness,which wants you to expand.

Give the Top Tof YOU!

If you truly think that something you are doing is not going well, think just a bit harder and you will be rewarded with greater skills, an improved internal feedback, a better connection with the Divine, and even greatness. Act with love, with care, be loving and even if people feel that you are being insensitive or irresponsible, they will see that it’s for your own self growth and they will learn even more about themselves and the gifts that they already possess.

— Written using Kafkai

Wait… what?

Let’s just take a moment to check out that technology niche article Kafkai just produced. First off, did it even understand what the seedling was about? And second… just what the what happened here? If you were looking for a completely unusable article from Kafkai, here’s one.

Now gardening. Gardening gardening. Apart from the fact that we did not mention anything about hydroponics, Kafkai did produce a few things we could use from this article. Plus we were happy to learn that tomates are tomato-like fruits.

And as far as self-improvement is concerned… Well now we think Kafkai is just trying to be funny. “People don’t even want to try to be happy and sometimes they are right”? Okay. As you say. Let’s just switch to mode 3.

Kafkai Mode 3: General Article Writer

For this last part of the test, we had Kafkai generate articles on niche topics that the platform doesn’t support yet. We tried parenting, cats, and cryptocurrency.

Same as before, we included a seedling of approximately 100 words to let Kafkai know what to talk about. Let’s see what happens.

10 Fun & Child-friendly Chores to Keep Kids Busy. Hey parents, are you looking for a way to get your children more involved in household chores? If so, this blog post is perfect for you! Here we will discuss 7 fun children-friendly chores that can be done to help teach children responsibility and give them something productive to do. These tasks are not only great ways of keeping children busy but they also provide them with valuable life skills that will surely come in handy as the children grow up.

7 Ways to Improve Your Child’s discipline. Running

Tip: If something seems daunting you can always turn to this video for tips on how to coordinate time with your toddler either jointly or with the neighbor. Especially if you have been struggling with projects, these tips can help you get things done.

7 Child-friendly Chores That Improve Mentality.

Running is one of the simplest and most child-friendly chores that you can do to teach children about discipline. Run around the yard and make your child dash for a prize. What’s more, you can bring him to a complete stop in a smiling position which slowly builds the habit. Running may seem aggressive, but closer observation will show that running comes from a place of confidence.

Suggestion: After you have mastered running using the hand signals in Section 3 for toddlers, you can start a more seasoned running journey with younger children. 5 minutes of running per day will definitely impress your child and show him that you really mean business and have serious intentions for his well-being.

Skipping is so easy for kids to engage in because avoiding inconvenience is a constant game. If you baby or toddler can rather skip certain contingencies, then clear out certain portions of your grocery store and simply skip them. After all, interrupting a child when he’s trying to do something fun is not honest and probably not good practice for keeping him from doing that one thing in the future.

Know how to skip. For toddlers, Toby could sit on the sofa while I did other things; however, when he wants to watch TV I look out the window. If he usually sits on the sofa when I’m working, he stops right there.

Tip: When you are running errands, you will notice that your child is taking a longer time to get there. This is because they are eager to get back to doing more exciting tasks. For you as the parent, you may think that your child is a little too eager; however, research shows this is not the case. In fact, watching points off on the child’s motivation and lowers the efficacy of psychological safety. By simply increasing the time allotted the child with a task, you can shift his attention to a less mundane one. As the tasks get more exciting, the child’s interest will get higher, thus increasing positive engagement.

Out Exercise: Do Not Back You Up! This habit is from Sweden and offers you endless creative ways to practice willpower, self control and say no. When you’re in the gym, you’re in a hurry but your child is in the sauna with nothing to do! This is the perfect recipe for child discipline, in fact, is a motivational tool to keep kids active and often motivated despite your lazy efforts.

Suggestion: Unpredictable tasks boosts the creativity of children. If a child encounters one thing that he is adept at, he will try it and this will generate multiple interesting ideas. The creative ventures help accumulate experience and senses deeper regarding capacity things..

7 Child-Friendly Dessert Recipes.

There are several things you can do to extend the time duration while playing. You can start heating your oven while your toddler is in the stroller or walk up to the stove while the little one is in the water bath. A good way to make children the very best of your household chores is to include dessert in this list!

1. Dutch Oven – If you have a small-to-medium-sized family, then you might be facing difficulties trying to keep your kids busy while your partner cooks. Yet, this way to keep them occupied allows you to make them and yourself happy while enjoying a delicious meal. A small stove can be used provided that there is an oven as well as a nice flat floor to place the pots and pans.

2. Water Bath – Water baths are one of the easiest ways to prepare food. The clean up and cooking process, involving hand washing, will much easier. You can also play about with the ingredients. Sautéed onions, garlic and fresh herbs together with raw meatette or boneless chicken breasts, cooking times vary per recipe.

3. Stovetop Frying – You can make your child eager for a meal while removing him from a hot car or on the streets! This way requires no oven and takes just a few minutes. Use any pots and pans. A meticulously prepared intermittent batter ensured that the inadequacies of Louis away from the stove.

4. Sourdough Pancakes …- Plenty of flour and baking powder go hand in hand for baking familiar items such as bread, meringues and pastries. Make sourdough pancakes using baking dough like little flour skittles.

— Written using Kafkai

Feeding a Kitten in Her First Year: What to Feed Baby Cats? Cats are cute, but they can be quite a handful! As a kitten grows up, she will need different types of food as she gets older. In her first year alone, your kitten needs to eat kitten food for newborns and then switch to kitten food for older kittens before moving on to cat food. So what should you feed baby cats? Read this article to find out!

How to Feed a Adult Cat

First Year Cat Food:

Keep in mind that the instructions here are to feed your kitten kitten food for the first year. Higher protein foods are best because they are more digestible for your kitten. In the second year, offer kitten food (with the same vitamins and minerals) based on your kitten’s weight. As your kitten acclimates to eating kitten food, you can switch to kitten food. This is especially helpful if you have a cat who will not eat dry foods but will eat wet foods and it may be easier on her to switch to this food. If you are feeding your kitten your cat food as prescribed here in the US, then this is a good step to start you off! Simply just add six to eight tablespoons of either kitty food or wet food to your kitten’s bowl of water and give it to her. Therefore, the best time to start kitten feeding is around three months of age. As the kitten gets older with the right amounts of food, you can find her a food high in protein like Vermont Medium Premium of poultry and various vegetables.

Meals / Feline Nutrition Videos:

A lot of people come across videos on the websites preaching the responsible feeding of cats in terms of safe dosages of foods. The problem with most of these videos is they are just out for entertainment and they dont use actual biological/scientific information to back up their claims. This is where feeding a kitten in her first year can be so complicated and you may face situations where you feel you cannot give your kitten a specific calorie level that is safe for her. This often happens when you just follow recipes and aren’t prepared for the mental confusion your kitten may experience. This guide is meant to solve this problem by providing temporary safe limits and guidelines for cat feeding that we experienced in our own family. It isn’t meant to be a dictionary or FAQ but some of the prescribed feeding levels may feel unsatisfactory for you in circumstances outside your detailed review!

For the safety of our babies, we have devised helpful food ranges that mimic the typically five meal/feed schedule that kittens usually eat. If you would like one of these tables to give you an idea of what to feed your kitten, then complete the following (

(updated 05/14/2016)

How to Feed a Adult Cat

When your cat becomes an adult and you begin feeding her, you will need to develop a feeding schedule that is effective and up to date. To help you get started, we have created some important information below for you. There are 18 steps and some of them are a bit longer than others. However, it all roads out through the most important point, feeding your cat.

Steps For Adult Cats (wallpaper: ) First Steps in Adult Cat Care Next Steps The New Adult Cat – Subsequent Steps in Adult Cat Care

Feeding a Cat Bathe the Cat with Distilled Water bathe

and feed




3 times/day

deeply (each tooth occludes a different feeder) Toothpaste: Carefully pour a small cup of toothpaste in the feeder while petting the cat. If you don’t make it sink down, it can stop your cat’s food from being swallowed if the cat actually swallows it. Try to use the least amount for the first half of the session. Suck vigorously

for 5 seconds

to dislodge any food stuck in your cat’s gums. This is a good method to get food that couldn’t be eaten up put back in her mouth.

throughout the session. Use the sink to wash the food off your cats teeth from time to time. Additional grooming Steps: Brush your cat’s teeth

to remove extra food stuck in their teeth

to insure the cat’s gums are well brushed

to encourage chewing. Brush your cat’s nails regularly. Remove ‘bad’ food spills and what-not. Do not touch the food – that can result in a bloody nose. Use a clean piece of cloth to clean up any hard food spots. Wash or brush the litter box once a day with a solution containing Dawn dishwashing detergent and do not use wool or rawhide since it may pose a choking hazard. Apply a small amount of a cat collar dressing to the area where the collar was last worn. Regular upholsticking of the collar and then using a firm ball or small piece of meat in the correct location is recommended for preventing the collar from coming off during grooming, etc. Take your cat to the vet.

— Written using Kafkai

Mining Bitcoin: A Beginner's Guide to Safe Apps and Crypto Platforms. For a beginner, bitcoin mining can seem like an overwhelming and complicated task. There are many bitcoin mining platforms out there, and cryptocurrency is a confusing thing to understand. In this article, you can learn what bitcoin mining is in simple terms and how it works before deciding which bitcoin mining app or platform to use!

What Is Bitcoin mining

What is Bitcoin Mining?

To understand a little-known process called bitcoin mining, I recommend first reading a perfect summary of what a bitcoin miner does.

A bitcoin miner is a piece of hardware that works like a child running a simulated mine in Minecraft. The miner takes data from the network and cryptographically hashes it. Each time it hashes a block, it will also receive a reward depending on how many bitcoins were found. If you solve a bitcoin mining puzzle, it’s a certain small quantity of bitcoins is unlocked. If you choose to solve more blocks, the reward per block rises, and so on. Some examples are given below.

essentially, it’s like a computer game that rewards you for solving puzzles. Similarly, each block of data is called a ‘block’ in the blockchain and ‘block reward’ is a fixed amount of bitcoins. Different mining methods try to add more hash power than others to locate the blocks with the best reward.

Every user is responsible for his or her own mining equipment, which includes creating their own private bitcoin keys. Many people will end up mining as a hobby instead of paying for mining to earn bitcoins to purchase goods and services.

Let’s see how that works.

When will you be able to get started?

Yes, we are working with a reliable live provider which has developed a software that you can use immediately, or you can always try one of these wider ready-made Bitcoin Mining Apps which have been developed on top of our software. By using one of these apps, you will also have purchasing power so you can play around with this free Bitcoin Mining Potential, check out the, if you do you will be able to mine your own bitcoin for a variety of goods. If you are not a programmer, you can also purchase a Bitcoin Mining Simulator if you are interested in having a little push to get your machine to work.

What is the best bitcoin mining app?

Who says that bitcoin Mining Programming is easy? It’s easy! No matter how soon you can get started with using bitcoin mining, there is so much you can do with a bit of thought and a proper understanding of cryptography. And if you feel like learning more, check out our Must-See List covering Recommended Digital Currency Mining Apps for Beginners.

How can I know if I’m good at mining?

Read our post How Does a User Get Droppable Taste Test for What’s headed Your way to Get All The Shipped with The Best Bitcoin Mining Solutions.

Are there right or wrong ways to make money from the mining environment?

How do I set it up?

You can learn more about Setting Up Your Minecraft Enterprise or the Growing Array of Hardware Providers Distributing Vertcoin, Litecoin, Dollars for Bitcoins Nano Stocks.

Which mining back-end providers are supporting Vertcoin?

If you are unsure if your provider supports Vertcoin, check out all of the Vertcoin customer support websites.

How do I prevent mine attacks?

There are clear signs that you are about to mine more than you are supposed to. By educating yourself, you can see progress, but you can also get helped quickly if you are in an attack situation.

Before you get started don’t forget to download the instructions and language files for your Google Chrome

Summary of Bitcoin Mining Mathematics

Alright, let´s go through this bitcoin mining tutorial and learn the basics of it.

1.) How does a Bitcoin Miner Work?

A bitcoin miner is an electronic computing device which is mining blocks. It basically works like a computer called a multiple validating witness. Anytime new blocks are found, those block can be used to provide more confirmations of the fresh data over time so that profitable transactions can happen in the blockchain.

Depending on the properties of the proof’s hash function, this verification process can take anywhere between a day to several weeks. Generally, it takes a few days to hours to perform a new block. This is often referred to as proof of work, which involves solving a puzzle where you search for certain branches. Or you may be looking to mine an algorithm such as Ƀ-crypto-mining, which is very brute force based. This week is dedicated to Ƀ-crypto-mining and any aspects you are interested in learning are mentioned.

2.) How does Ƀ Proof Mining work?

An Ƀ-Hash function is one that is used in Bitcoin mining but it describes a proof used to ensure that new blocks will be added to the blockchain. This process is essentially running the hash function over a few hashes which allows you to increase the odds of generating new generations for each block.

Depending on which algorithm is used, this can test for the following hash functions.

— Written using Kafkai

Alright, debrief time.

So first of all, never entrust your children to Kafkai. It kind of seems like it got confused as to what the difference between kids and dogs is. Oh and if anyone can explain the sentence “For toddlers, Toby could sit on the sofa while I did other things; however, when he wants to watch TV I look out the window”, we’d love to hear your take on this.

Now as far as cats are concerned… Let’s just say that if you haven’t read the article Kafkai generated yet, please DON’T. This thing Kafkai wants us to do for 5 seconds is just nightmare material. Not to mention we asked it to write about kittens, not adult cats. Anyways, change of subject.

Let’s end with cryptocurrency. Apparently, “a bitcoin miner is a piece of hardware that works like a child running a simulated mine in Minecraft”. Well. We are pretty much lost for words right now.

Kafkai final review: is it worth it?

Just like any other AI writing software, Kafkai has its advantages and inconvenients.

As you could see, a lot of the content produced is at best laughable, at worst… pretty scary.

But the thing is, there’s A LOT of content generated. It’s a bit of a gamble when using Kafkai: you might find that it produces good quality articles that need little editing, and you might find yourself with weird gibberish that you won’t be able to use. As Kafkai says itself:

AI writer Kafkai disclaimer

If you’re a writer who needs to produce lots and lots of content, regardless of its quality, then the mode 1 of Kafkai could definitely prove useful. The articles are generated very quickly (only a few minutes for 5 full articles, about 800 words long) and you could find some of them that do not need that much editing.

Concerning modes 2 and 3, we’re not entirely convinced though. Maybe it would need more testing, and some niches work probably better than others.

That’s it for our in-depth review! We hope you enjoyed it and that you’ll find it useful. 🙂

If you’re interested still and since it’s always best to make your own opinion, we recommend you try the 3-day trial for Kafkai. You might get better results than us – besides, the worst you can get is a good laugh!

Let us know in the comments section if you ever used Kafkai and if it worked better for you! 😉

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