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  • Intuitive visual editor with drag-and-drop function maintenance.
  • Low price and frequent sales.
  • SEO block.
  • Integration with various apps and platforms (Facebook, MailChimp, SlideShare, etc.).
  • Ability to make backups in a couple of clicks.
  • Flexible total customization.


  • You can create a website and get it live in a matter of minutes
  • It’s super easy to use
  • Its pricing plans are very cheap in comparison to some competitors


  • Free trial
  • Premium support included with all accounts
  • Value-added features


  • SSL certification;
  • Small business listings;
  • Blogging platform;
  • Quality customer support;
  • 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Full freedom design.
  • Option to have more than one site.


  • 25 different pre-made pages for business tools.
  • Over 1750 Business Templates
  • Over 600,000 websites built using CityMax

Membership sites: why do you need a subscription website builder? 


Creating and handling a big online project often seems too difficult for newcomers in the web construction area. When operating a membership site, you need to be a universal manager and cope with dozens of various activities simultaneously. Thus, you will need to be a professional administrator, content manager, designer, support engineer, and account manager with some psychological skills to solve any issues between the site members. The entire play requires an enormous amount of vigor and energy to come up with an effective web project. 


However, you can avoid facing most of the problems mentioned above with the help of the subscription website builder. This is a special program that is purposed to compose an association site of any complexity right for you. Implementing global website ideas, bringing large and small communities together, and working on a big project is right what a common membership website builder can easily do. 


There is no difference, how many subscribers, admins, and active users you are likely to have. With the help of the membership site software, you will be able to make bulk actions, group users, as well as hide and show certain types of content to the chosen members. 


Creating a website with membership and user login might sound good for you. But how can you choose the builder for this complicated mission? Our content professionals have already fixed upon the prime membership site platforms. The only thing you need is to opt for the one you need.


Subscription website: decide on the best program

Wild Apricot


This app is a unique association website architect with award-winning functionality. The builder is made for membership sites creation and it surely copes with its functions at the highest possible level.


The web maker is an all-in-one program that contains everything one might be looking for crafting a membership project. If you are wondering about its possibilities, take a look right here.


  • Great membership database. A powerful database with lots of hot tools is among the most demanding services for any builder. If you are planning the number of your subscribers to grow, this function is among the must-have tools for effective membership site

  • Multiple registration forms. The process of sign up is one of the top steps for any subscription site. The builder will make you happy with lots of kinds of forms to choose from

  • Event calendar. Ready to intrigue your subscribers and visitors by wonderful upcoming events, sales, or promotions? With a handy event calendar, you can attract even a wider audience to your project.

  • Application for smartphones. Planning to stay online most of your time and communicate with the website’s subscribers? The builder has a cool mobile app for these purposes. 

  • Different levels of membership. If your site is expected to have a multi-level user design, Wild Apricot is here to offer this function.

  • Templates. And, of course, templates. Being a premium builder, it offers a bunch of themes for your site. 

  • Members-only content. Want to hide some content from random visitors? You can specify that some content will be visible for subscribers only. 


When it comes to describing the drawbacks, it is necessary to point out that the builder’s dashboard is far from being easy, while some of the templates might disappoint you with poor design. 


The plans range from $40 to $600 per month. 




Wix is the most versatile app from our list of the uppermost premium builders. The site is a smart and resourceful system with diverse functionality for membership site development. To have a glance at the builder, pay attention to these tools:


  • Chat rooms. The builder allows admins adding multiple chat spaces for different users. For example, your subscribers in one room might be discussing celebrities, while the other room will be occupied by sports lovers. This trick will make any website universal and allow separating different conversations for a wide range of users. 

  • Forums. If you are creating your first membership site for a handy forum, the builder is ready to become far beyond your expectations. Lots of topics, themes, and features for advanced communication are accessible for all associate website owners. 

  • Social stream. Streaming is one of the most promising areas on the web. Wix has a social stream function, remaining ahead of the times. 

  • Membership forms. As any membership website builder, the platform is ready to offer all kinds of forms you can imagine. You will be surprised by a great number of forms for any need and purpose. 

  • Payment methods. The web page maker will help you to embed almost any type of payment system, including PayPal and credit card. 

The only con we could find at Wix is that is has a single admin account. This means you will not be able to dedicate admin rights to your friends or dedicated subscribers. 


As for the money, the plan starts from $5 per month. 



A program is a superior option for small businesses and associate website owners that are not planning to go global. Perfect for little subscription sites, the builder can assist you in making super speedy pages with loads of content. What is it great for?


  • Simple management system. Unlike its competitors, GoCentral has the easiest administration and supervision tools. Dedicating rights, banning, categorizing, and sharing content to users was significantly simplified. 

  • E-commerce options. Want to sell tickets, premium subscriptions, or any other digital projects to your visitors? Implement online trade utilities and start earning awesome money with your site.

  • Security backups. If you care about the security of your site, as well as all the data available to the mass audiences, the manual backup will help you have a good sleep at night with no worries. All your information and files will be saved and can be easily restored if anything goes wrong. 

  • Hire professionals. What is really awesome about the builder is the ability to hire gurus in design, web development, and database management for reasonable costs. If you suddenly stick with any issue, the platform’s team will solve any problem in a second. 

  • Different ways for adding members. You can either add subscribers to your site manually one by one or check all the email addresses and allow access to your website with the help of bulk action. 

  • Subscribers-only pages. For your convenience, there are tools that allow making certain content visible to members of your project only. For example, you can hide pricing or promotions, as well as share secret data with your subscribers only. 


What is not good for GoCentral, is the database of templates for membership sites. This means you are not offered a wide choice of themes for beautiful design. Furthermore, the editing tools are also below average. 


To purchase a plan, get ready to spend $6 - $30 per month. 




The builder offers an excellent experience for admins and membership site users. Being a unique service, Weebly is booming the market of builders in many countries. So, what makes users stand in crowds for using the program?


  • Lots of admin accounts. If you are going to construct a huge association website with thousands of users, you will need to have several admins for effective web management. The platform can be really helpful in this case with its multiple admin profiles.

  • Drag and drop form creator. Unlike most software that has premaid forms, Weebly enables its customers to create a form of any difficulty on their own. This is really cool for those, who prefer crafting unique forms with diverse fields and panels. 

  • Import to CSV. Since the builder is designed to support big membership sites, it has a great importing option. If you would like to store some important data separately from your system, you can import contacts or any other information to CSV files and save them anywhere you would like to. 

  • Member search. Want to dedicate rights or perform any other actions to a certain user? There is nothing easier! Use a handy search system, find the needed person, and do what you need to do. 

  • Group management. Managing the right of users is easy. But what about managing a whole group? Weeble can do this, too. Edit any specifications of a certain group, update, and delete its properties and features.

  • Visibility. As for any other builder, Weebly can help you with visible and hidden content accessible by different users. By the way, the function works in a really easy way. 

  • Extra password protection. If you still have any security concerns, it is important to boost it in an effective way. Password protection is right for these goals. No one will have access to your data in case they don’t know your secret password. 

  • Payment methods. Implementing payment systems is great for the monetization of your membership website. You can add PayPal, Stripe, credit card, and Square systems to charge costs from your subscribers. 

  • SEO tools. To boost website scores, any Weebly user can use its tools for profound search engine optimization.


Unfortunately, Paid Members App is not included in the platform’s account.


When it comes to budget, Weebly plans start from $8 per month. 




This membership site builder is one of the pioneer apps in the digital market. The system is attracting new business owners, website enthusiasts, and creative spirits with awesome functions that are easy to use and completely flexible:


  • Tons of widgets that can be implemented on your website. These are social media, LiveChat, Jivosite. MailChimp, Soundcloud, LiveAgent, and Ecwid. The list is not complete - you can find the widget you need in a single click.

  • Technical power. Your membership website will be completely ready for effective SEO with no need to pay experts in this area

  • Miraculous designs. Frankly speaking, any template you choose from the platform’s database will amaze you with awesome design and a handy menu. Your subscribers will surely feel comfortable when using your web project. 

  • Secure. The builder securely protects all your data from any third parties or malicious code. Feel safe with using a superior solution for your needs.


The pricing is really appealing and starts from $5 per month. 

Membership site builder: your journey to success


Establishing your own membership website is a long journey for many beginners. However, you can make your way easier and eliminate lots of obstacles if you follow some simple hints, offered by our development gurus. 


Craft your concept. Coming up with a unique idea is good. But there are still some chances that your idea is not new and someone has implemented it in an exceptionally effective way. So, what then? It is better to search online for similar web projects. If you appear to be a true innovator, then congratulations! Let your creative spirit bring this world something absolutely new. But if it appears that there are similar solutions, don’t hesitate to take the benefit. For example, you can implement some tricks that make your competitor attract subscribers. Anyway, you will take advantage. 


Start with a simple draft. You might be full of amazing ideas on website design and functions. However, don’t hurry up to put all of them into practice. It is better to begin with a simple but effective website and then decorate it with third-party widgets and applications. This will make your creative job less overwhelming and will help you to avoid the mess in your thoughts and drafts.


Use plugins wisely. It is highly recommended to build a whole website, make it functional and well-designed before implementing any plugins. Moreover, it is better to embed them step-by-step. Check the website functionality each time after you’ve coded in a new app to your project. This way, you will definitely know, which one might be bringing disorder to your magnificent site. 


Keep some functions for the future. If you are coming through an amazing theme, plugin, or app for your membership website builder, don’t pass it by. Although you might not having money for this tool or simply not planning to use this function in the nearest time, just keep it for the future. Use bookmarks, likes, shares, or simply right down the service you enjoyed. 


Share your design with your friends or family. In case you hesitate that your website looks perfect, you can show the draft made with your builder to someone. Get ready to accept critics, update your project, and make it rich with new ideas.

Tips for creating top membership sites


Thousands of users are actively searching for precise prompts on how to create a membership website and save your time. These are the most shoppy tips for composing your website with the help of any builder you pitched upon.


Avoid chasing for features. The most common mistake of thousands of membership site leaders is chasing for modern features. However, most high-end experts believe that a good website might not contain all the innovative stuff you can find online. Furthermore, adding tons of advanced functions might slow down your membership website and even lead to crashes or errors. Even in case you are establishing a high-tech association website using the most advanced builder, it is still necessary to find a balance between productivity and the number of features. 


Don’t be hungry for plugins. There are millions of plugins for any pro builder you can find online. If you searched for these membership websites examples, you will clap eyes on dozens of extremely cool solutions. However, you don’t need all these knick-knacks. It is better to focus on a few quality plugins rather than embed a bunch of cheap and poor services to your web project. 


Test, test, and test. Try to create at least a few users and experiment with giving them rights, sharing content, and check the accessibility to different functions. It will be also great if you take a look at your website from the member’s viewpoint. How does it look like? Haven’t you missed anything vital? By the way, the detailed and precise quality assurance process is always a must-do step of any dev process. 


Start with free apps. This is our favorite point. When you are going to make a membership website with the help of the builder, try to sample several kinds of software. Some platforms might appear to be difficult for you or lack some tools, while the other can do miracles just for your case. It is better to try conclusions before spending money on any subscription and make a draft of your future association website with no extra cost.