Outranking.io: AI-Powered SEO Tool Full Review

There are few things in this world that humans can do faster and better than computers. One of those things is writing quality SEO-friendly articles. This is why quality content mills have been around for …

There are few things in this world that humans can do faster and better than computers. One of those things is writing quality SEO-friendly articles.

This is why quality content mills have been around for decades.

But they’re not the only game in town anymore –thanks to artificial intelligence! Some might even say AI can be better than copywriters to produce beautiful content…

And among those AI-powered writing assistants, there’s a new kid on the block: Outranking.io!

In this review, we’ll go over what Outranking does and how it works, as well as some pros and cons that may or may not help you decide if it’s worth your time to try it out yourself.

What is Outranking.io?

Outranking.io official offer from website

At its core, Outranking is a web-based platform that helps writers produce quality high-ranking content.

It’s also an artificial intelligence and machine-learning project aimed at helping people with SEO articles and blog posts –and we all know how crucial writing good content can be for search engine results!

It uses AI and machine learning in order to learn what makes great content, and how you can improve yours. Outranking.io works by analyzing other high-ranking posts, extracting the best elements from them, and showing them to you so that you could use them in your own writing process.

What are the features of Outranking.io?

The main features you can find on Outranking.io are the following:

  • Meta title and meta description optimization
  • Headings optimization
  • Sections creation and optimization
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Topic coverage
  • Related keywords
  • SERP research
  • URL optimization

Outranking.io also uses GPT-3 technology to generate content automatically for you. You can use the AI writing to come up with text within your content or to generate meta titles, meta descriptions, etc.

Standard plan from Outranking io

Is there a good Outranking.io alternative?

How does Outranking io work? A step-by-step guide

When you start a new project, you can choose between creating a new SEO document or optimizing already existing content. You will need to enter your main search query and a provisional title.

Once this is done, you get to create a meta description and meta title for your content. If you don’t have ideas, you can let the AI generate some for you. Keep in mind you can always change this later.

Generate titles ideas with outrankingio AI

After completing your meta title and description choices, you’ll be invited to create “section concepts” –or, in other words, H2 and H3 titles. When you’re done selecting, generating, or creating your sections, you’ll end up on the interface shown below:

Full interface on outranking

As you can see, there’s a lot of information going on here. It’s a little overwhelming at first glance, but luckily there’s a very useful “instructions” tab on the top right corner of your screen.

If you click it, Outranking.io will open a list of tasks for you to complete –close to what we talked about in our InkForAll review. Completing those steps will help you get better chances to rank higher on search engines.

Step by step instructions on Outranking.io
Right panel on outranking screen

This already feels like an easier-to-grasp walkthrough guide. For each step, you’ll find further instructions and explanations on how (and why) you can optimize your blog post for search engines.

On the right panel on your screen, you can see your SEO score, as well as an overview of how you are performing regarding the different features on the platform. Clicking on them will give you ideas for optimization, based on your competitors.

One thing we noticed trying Outranking io was that the Related Keywords feature did not seem to work properly with our focus keyword, “outranking.io review”.

We tried it with and without the period (“outranking io review”), and although the second attempt gave better results, it seemed like the platform didn’t quite get our intent right.

Keywords from outranking

We noticed similar issues with the Sections, the Questions, and the Topic Coverage features. It’s probably due to our focus keyword, but we found it a little disappointing –seeing that Outranking.io wouldn’t help us write a review about itself.

However, the platform does provide quite a lot of very interesting features. Another example is the SERP Research tool, which helps you see your competitors’ content and what keywords they rank for in Google search results.

Also note that you have access to a few AI rewriting options. You may improve your content by expanding, shortening, simplifying or turning it into a question in just one click.

How much does Outranking.io cost?

There are 3 pricing plans for Outranking.io: starter, growth, and professional. Their main differences reside in the number of SEO documents you can create and the number of SERP analyses you can run per month.

The starter plan is $39 a month and gets you 10 documents and 10 SERP analyses. The growth plan costs $79 for 30 docs and 30 analyses, and the pro version will let you create 100 documents and run 100 analyses.

All plans come with unlimited AI content generation (within reasonable use).

Pricing plans on outranking.io

Does Outranking.io provide a free trial?

If you want to try out Outranking.io before you buy it, you can indeed use the free trial. It will allow you to try all the features the platform provides, and you will get 5,000 credits, corresponding to 5,000 AI-generated characters.

Outranking io pros and cons

Now that we have reviewed Outranking.io ‘s main features, let’s talk about the pros and cons of using this tool.


  • It provides insightful SEO features, such as related keywords, questions, topic coverage optimization, etc.
  • It offers useful SERP analysis tools to see what keywords your competition is ranking for on Google search results.
  • The AI text generator can help writers produce a lot of content fast.
  • You can also let the platform generate some meta titles, descriptions, etc. for you.
  • The free trial gives you access to all the features available.


  • The platform’s interface is not very user-friendly. As a fairly recent tool, it still needs some UI improvement here and there.
  • It may get your focus keyword wrong at times –and you’ll have to go back and correct that manually after generating content.
  • The AI content generation feels a bit underdeveloped and, again, creates some UX issues.

Best alternatives to Outranking io and competitors

#1 Outranking.io alternative: Jasper.ai, the best AI writing tool

Jarvis.ai logo (conversion.ai)

If you are looking for an AI writer that can produce high-quality content quickly and easily, Jasper.ai is definitely the best tool out there. It allows you to generate beautiful copy in the blink of an eye and say goodbye to writer’s block for good!

Check out our full Jasper.ai review and find out for yourself!

#2 Outranking.io alternative: InkForAll

Inkforall - AI writing software

InkForAll is an AI writing software that can generate copy, expand or rewrite sentences. It also includes SEO features to help rank better on Google –all while distracting you with nothing more than clicking away in a beautiful easy-to-use interface.

Read more with our InkForAll review here.

#3 Outranking.io alternative: Rytr

Rytr - AI writing software

Rytr is a new AI-powered content generation and improvement tool that can help writers save time by creating original copy from scratch. You have the choice between 20 different tones of voice, ranging from informative to convincing– Rytr will take care of it for you! 

Discover our full Rytr review here.

#4 Outranking.io alternative: Grammarly Premium

Grammarly - AI writing software

Grammarly is the leading grammar and spelling checker on the market, with AI-powered software to help you improve your writing skills. Grammar errors are automatically fixed while also providing provisions against plagiarism.

Our full Grammarly Premium review here!

#5 Outranking.io alternative: Headline Studio

Headline studio logo

Headline Studio is an AI-powered platform that analyzes and improves your headlines to catch the eye of your readers. It uses data-powered SEO tools, as well as providing tips on how to best improve what’s already there!

Find out more with our Headline Studio review.

Final thoughts: is Outranking.io worth buying?

We find Outranking.io to be a pretty useful tool for writers who want to write SEO content faster –and with less effort.

It helps you improve the quality of your articles SEO-wise by providing interesting features like related keywords, SERP analysis tools, etc. Although the user interface is hard to get used to, Outranking.io is still an interesting addition for anyone who wants to optimize their content and get better results in search engines.

However, we also feel that it doesn’t quite live up to our expectations of the platform providing fully-fledged AI text generation yet. It may be useful when you want a few meta titles or descriptions filled out automatically, but it’s not what we would call an AI writing tool per se.

Thanks for reading! For even more incredible AI-powered writing assistants, check out our Ultimate AI writing software list! 🙂

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