How To Overcome Writer’s Block (Using AI)

A.I Writing softwares can unlock dozens of ideas in seconds with one click. is a simple, yet powerful AI writing software which generates high quality content very quickly, and in a painless way. Now, …

A.I Writing softwares can unlock dozens of ideas in seconds with one click. is a simple, yet powerful AI writing software which generates high quality content very quickly, and in a painless way.

Now, you might think that AI writing softwares just spew out nonsensical content. We understand your skepticism. But what if we told you about 80% of this article was written using Jasper?

This incredible software provides a large number of features: you can generate copy specifically for ads, emailing, social media posts, product descriptions, blog posts, SEO titles and meta descriptions, marketing frameworks, and much more.

Templates you can use on
Some of the many AI writing features available on Discover the other features here

How does it work? Let me show you step by step, how you will beat writer’s whether you are a blogger, a marketer, a copywriter or a book writer.

How to overcome writer’s block using for bloggers

If you’re a blogger, or content copywriter, there are many different ways to use to get rid of writer’s block.

Among the many features available on the software, we have selected a few that are especially powerful to help you get started on your writing.

Blog Post Intro Paragraph: get your first words on paper

You know the feeling: the hardest thing to do when writer’s block hits is to write the first words of your article. That’s where the blog post intro generator feature comes in!

Let’s see how it works, taking this blog post as an example.

Overcome writer's block with the blog post intro feature on Jarvis
This feature is actually designed to “help you blast through writer’s block”

As you can see, Jasper will only need very few info from you. Just tell him what your blog post is going to be about; you can also add an audience and a tone of voice. Note that you can even translate your content into or from another language.

Now let’s see what Jasper comes up with when we hit “Generate”:

Writer's block output from Jarvis

And there you go! Beautiful content fresh out of the oven and ready to use. No more blank page to stare at: you can just keep writing.

Note that you can generate up to 15 outputs at a time for each run, and that they will all be different from one another.

Blog Post Outline: get ideas on what to write about

If you are still facing writer’s block after you started writing, there’s another very helpful tool available on Jasper: the blog post outline.

This feature is especially powerful for listicle types of blog posts, but it can actually help you get your ideas flowing for any type of content. Demonstration.

Fight writer's block with Blog post outline from Jarvis

Here, we asked Jasper to generate ideas for a blog post about the reasons why you should try to use AI writing softwares. Below, the output generated:

Writer's block output from Jarvis blog outline

Now all you have to do is choose! You can either keep an outline as Jasper generated it, or select items here and there to build your article.

The Blog Post Intro and Blog Post Outline are the two perfect features that provides to help you overcome writer’s block when writing articles.

You now have your first paragraph, as well as a nice selection of ideas for what your article should talk about –and it only took a few minutes!

How to overcome writer’s block using for marketers

If you’re a marketer, you might face another kind of writer’s block: how to sell your product, your service, your brand to your target audience in the best possible way? Again, Jasper is a real game-changer.

Marketing Angles: brainstorm ideas for your product

Sometimes, writer’s block can happen when you’re too close to your brand or product to see the bigger picture. You need to take a step back and look at your business from an outsider’s point of view.

That’s where the marketing angles feature comes in really handy: it helps marketers overcome writer’s block by generating ideas on different perspectives about your product, service or brand.

Marketing angles example

Let’s make Jasper sell himself again. To use this feature, fill in your company or product name, describe it and choose a tone of voice. The results:

Marketing angles output from Jarvis

Here you go: many different angles and perspectives to choose from to sell your product.

Of course, if there’s an aspect of your product you want to focus on more, just change the input and run the AI generator again. This feature is sure to get your ideas flowing in seconds!

Product Description: find the right words for the right audience

Now if you need more ideas on how to sell your product, there’s a special feature for that on Jasper: product description.

This template allows you to generate convincing copy for your audience, based only on a small input on your part –same as for the marketing angles feature.

Product description to help with marketers' writers block on Jarvis

We used the same input as in the previous example. Here’s what Jasper had to say about himself:

Product description output example Jarvis

Again, this amazing tool never runs out of words to help you get your writing done. You can just make your pick, find a sentence, a tone of voice that suits you and start writing again!

Initially, Jasper is mostly meant for marketing and copywriting purposes, as shown by the many features dedicated to generate copy for Facebook or Google ads, email campaigns or marketing frameworks.

How to overcome writer’s block using for writers

However, it’s also an incredibly creative tool! And if you are struggling to find the words for a book –or an e-book–, a short story or even for some songwriting, Jasper can help you too.

Creative Story: cure your creative block

To get your creative juices flowing, taking a relaxing shower doesn’t always do the trick. Sometimes, the problem is that you might feel like you’re not confident enough in your writing.

So what if you let someone else write your story for you? Someone who won’t judge, criticize or give you any kind of unrequested feedback? Enter: Jasper (again).

Creative story on example

We asked Jasper to tell the story of Mark, a writer suffering from a very severe case of writer’s block. Let’s see what will happen to Mark when someone knocks at his door:

Creative story Jarvis output

Three different outputs, with three very different characters knocking at Mark’s door –and three very different outcomes for him, too.

Now we’re not saying that Jasper will write up an entire story for you, but he will definitely give you as many ideas as you need to go back to your writing with a very open mind.

Many other templates on can help you if you’re struggling to find the right words:

  • Text summarizer: to get the key points from your content
  • Sentence expander: to get a longer, more creative and more engaging content
  • Explain it to a child: to make your content simpler and more straight-to-the-point
  • Personal bio: to write a creative bio for you –or one of your characters
  • etc.

In the end, Jasper has a template for any of your writing needs!

Demo Video

Overcoming writer’s block with Jasper: pricing plans

There are 3 usage plans for Jasper:

  • Starter: you can use all the templates available on the software and generate up to 20,000 words a month;
  • Pro: you can use all the templates, use the long-form assistant and generate an unlimited number of words;
  • Boss Mode: an upgrade of Pro mode, where you can use commands to tell Jasper what to write about and how.
Jarvis ai pricing plans
Jarvis ai pricing plans for boss mode

We hope you enjoyed our tips on how to use to overcome writer’s block. If you haven’t yet used an AI writing assistant, we absolutely recommend giving it a try. You can also check our full review.

What do you think? Have you ever used an AI writing assistant or been tempted by its allure? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below 🙂

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