Our review of Ukit Website builder

This relatively young platform has already managed to win a large number of fans. Ucoz in the old version and uKit is the new version. Both include a wide list of settings and allow creating …

Ukit Website Builder

This relatively young platform has already managed to win a large number of fans. Ucoz in the old version and uKit is the new version. Both include a wide list of settings and allow creating landing pages, business card websites, and portfolios, up to big online stores without knowledge of web technologies.      

Why uKit?

This constructor is ideal for both beginners and pro-developers.

It allows for getting excellent results. Developers regularly improve the platform, so it has a great future.

This system adapts well to any device, it provides a wide range of functions and settings for users, so you can be sure that this will be your unique site on any language. This simple builder is worthy of your attention, thus let’s start ukit review.

Ukit drag and drop
Ukit use a drag and drop system so you don’t have to code anything.

Pros and Cons of uKit

Advantages of uKit:

  • It provides you to develop a full web portal without the knowledge of special web technologies.
  • Intuitive visual editor with drag-and-drop function maintenance.
  • Low price and frequent sales.
  • SEO block.
  • Integration with various apps and platforms (Facebook, MailChimp, SlideShare, etc.).
  • Ability to make backups in a couple of clicks.
  • Flexible total customization.
  • Good tech support and frequent updates (for options, tools, templates, and widgets).
  • Different free web templates.
  • The capability to build an internet-shop of a full cycle with a convenient payment system.
  • Free domain and hosting.
  • Ability to make more than one project for one account.
  • Dashboard with build-in tips.
  • Ability to insert an icon for free.

Cons of Ukit

  • To complete a payment system, create an unlimited pages number, take big disk space, create multiple projects and expand other functionality you should pay the ukit premium plan.
  • Uninspiring templates.
  • Limited blogging and customization options.
  • You will have no possibility of deep editing of HTML code.


Functional capabilities

uKit uses one of the best visual website editors on the market. Almost all the actions can be performed with one mouse. Dragging elements onto pages from the Dashboard, creating and moving blocks, and you could finish the  web portal development in 1-2 hours.

There is nothing superfluous in uKit. The tools are suitable for building a modern business card, just as for a mini-portals.

The concise  and simple administrative panel is conveniently structured. All available tools are sorted into four modes:

  1. Dashboard allows finding the payments statistics, site traffic, connect analytics, configuring promotion parameters, attaching a domain, publishing a site and connecting with tech support.
  2. Site Pages allow to add, edit, delete, change order, duplicate website pages (menu under each of them will appear automatically) here. Also, you  have the possibility to create multi-level navigation, just as configure total SEO parameters.
  3. Builder. The main field containing tools and widgets for filling pages. It is divided into the following subparagraphs:
  • Elements / blocks. Add headers, quotes, buttons, photo galleries, sliders, icons and text to pages by simply dragging the selected element to the desired location here. Also, you may use ready-made block layouts (services, features, reviews, contacts, files, maps, and much more).
  • Content. Add product cards, price lists, files for download, video, search system, news widget, etc. at this stage.
  • Social bar. Integration with popular social networks, as well as the Share sidebar with a wide range of services.
  • Contacts. Useful tools for feedback, live chat, Google maps, online consultant and call back.

     4. Design. Set the color scheme of the template, background, turning on / off the “Up” button.

Additional Functionality


It should be noted the Ecwid Shop functionality, which provides you to get finally nice-looking, web stores. To get advanced features you should register on the module’s portal.

You want to make a nice store, but with a limited number of products. Namely, add them one at a time and navigation is not very convenient to arrange, given that each category will have to be a separate page, set up, etc. Shop cards in the store can be aligned or arranged, as you want. However, patient users can achieve a good result here.

In addition to connecting an Ecwid account, a new version of ucoz has an opportunity to create a store. Like everything else, it is implemented through the widget. It is called “Product”. After dragging and dropping, a product card and basket will appear on the page. The store consists of three parts: tab with products and a basket, checkout page and settings panel.

Add a photo to the product, make a description, draw up the color scheme of the card, select the button format and configure the form to fill out the order in detail. It is also possible to customize the currency and payment/delivery methods. Besides, customize the appearance of the shopping cart; connect the statistics collector and add mail notification about new orders.

Online Calculator

A service calculator  has a significant addition to the sales part of the site. This widget activates inclusion with uCalc. To apply it, you should have an account here (it’s free). Enter the necessary information, create a calculator on the service’s website and connect it to the ukit website. Everything is simple. This calculator may be useful for such sites where products or services may vary in price depending on the options (taxi services, installation of something, sale of furniture, bouquets, etc.). Using a calculator tool always increases conversion. If it is appropriate in your case, don’t forget to add it.

Table Sheets

Also in ukit website builder, it is possible to add some beautiful tables to pages that will ideally comply with the future design of the portal. For instance, if you wish to set a schedule for something, then making a table would be the perfect decision bearing in mind there is no necessity to develop the code to set and publish a simple black-and-white plate from a text editor. The table widget is easily customizable (border and text colors, headers, columns/rows, alignment, etc.). Each table cell can be implemented as a plain text, custom style, or a button. Sizes, styles, and other significant things can also be changed.


Business representatives will appreciate the ability to attach a corporate email address to the domain. After attaching the domain to the site, you can register a subdomain like [email protected]


Quite interesting promotion opportunities are also implemented in the new version of the ucoz builder. By going to the appropriate panel, you can get system recommendations for optimizing website promotion just in one click. At this point, you can connect Google Analytics and add your company location on Google Maps.

Images and Video

This simple website builder has many things, especially a large selection of widgets for synchronization with different services (like storage of music, video, images, social networks).

For example, if you using the “Video” widget, you can add videos from popular video hosting services (Vimeo, Youtube) directly, by inserting a link. Also, you can enable or disable autoplay, display similar videos after watching, display the player’s dashboard and the name of the clip by switching the sliders in its settings.

Useful Widgets

The uKit service contains specific widgets that you can rarely see in its competitors. For example, “Stages”. This block will help to present information about the sequence of a process in the most convenient and beautiful way. For example, it could be an illustration of the order, or it can be something like “Application-Confirmation-Delivery”. All these details attract users’ attention and it is incredibly easy to use. People love all sorts of schemes, they are visual, and that is why they work well.

Another similar widget calls “Timeline”. It has the same sense, but it works with vertical orientation. You can make a schedule for events by the hour, by stages of a process, etc. You can add an unlimited number of links; select the format for control points, descriptions, etc.

amoCRM Integration

amoCRM system allows collecting statistics on customers and sales from any website. It allows receiving detailed reports, sales funnels and more. Besides, this service can be synchronized with your mail or phone number to receive notifications. To connect it, you must register an account on the service official website and enter its data in the uKit dashboard.

Thereby, all customer data (name, mail, address, phone, purchase amount) will be attached to the main sales funnel, which can be viewed from the amoCRM personal account. It is synchronized with the widget of the online store, forms of popup windows and feedback. Also, all applications will be duplicated to your mail.


A few words about domain policy. Immediately after registration, you will receive a free domain. However, it is not suitable for serious use, because it is a technical subdomain. Nevertheless, if you decided to work with uKit just for a trial period, you can keep it.

When you decide to stay for a longer period, you can attach your own or buy a level 2 domain. This could be done in a couple of clicks from the “Dashboard”. Just in ten minutes, your site will work on the specified domain.

SSL Certificate

uKit allows connecting SSL-certificate to sites that have a level 2 domains for free. The certificate can be obtained for domains of third-party registrars and domains purchased directly in uKit. Such a certificate is a ranking factor that will bring your site slightly higher in the search engine. Nevertheless, not everyone should connect a certificate. In reality, it is only needed for websites with online payments. For the rest ­projects, it is optional. At least, the presence of SSL will add confidence points from users.

Optimization (SEO) and promotion

To speed up page indexing, add your site to uKit in the Search console panel.  Also, do not forget that you need to:

  • Post unique texts.
  • Write quality content.
  • Fill all meta tags. Their fields can be found in the control panel in the “Pages” category.
  • Write register title, description and enter keywords in SEO settings.
  • Carry out internal linking. Namely, insert links to other pages of your site in the articles’ body.
  • Integrate the portal with your groups on social networks, the channel on YouTube; use the widget from uSocial, etc.

Ukit Pricing

Ukit Pricing

After registration, you will receive a 14-day trial period. UKit has four pricing plans :

  • Minimal : which costs $ 3.50 / month.
  • Basic : which costs $ 7 / month.
  • eCommerce which costs $ 8.40 / month.
  • Pro which costs $ 10.50 / month (no trial period)


How often does uKit have sales/discounts?

The uKit often provides nice discounts of up to 50%. Check regularly on internet before purchasing

Is uKit really mobile-friendly?

Sure, you can adjust the desktop, tablet, smartphone versions individually. Moreover, it is real to hide blocks if they are inappropriate in the mobile version.

Who is Ukit for ?

For everybody. The constructor was created for beginners, but it also could interest website developers due to low cost, simplicity and the ability to build the most requested types of high-quality portals.

is Ukit free ?

It has two weeks free testing period. After that, you can realize your needs and choose the appropriate paid plan.

is Ukit good for blogging ?

Yes. Just choose the “Blog” type for the new type of post.  There are a lot of SEO settings for each blog post and page


uKit is a fairly comfortable set of tools suitable for any beginner who needs a business card, blog or landing page. Due to the low cost of the first tariff plan (and it is enough for almost everyone), there are almost no cons in the system at all. This builder honestly fulfills its purpose in all declared use cases. Many good templates that can be customized. Of course, in the stock version, many of them are of the same type due to the structure, but this is rather not cons, but a feature of the engine: you operate with ready-made blocks.

Creating an internet-shop with uKit assistance is a really brilliant idea.  Yes, you will get some challenges when including different product positions because of the builder manual structure, but the result could be very impressive, particularly with regard to the mini-stores.

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